Gas Grill Safety - Grill Safety Practices for Natural Gas & Propane BBQs

Whether you are a seasoned expert or the proud owner of a brand new Napoleon Grill, grill safety is something that should be kept in mind always. These grill safety practices for natural gas and propane barbecues should be common sense and common knowledge; however, sometimes it is good to take a minute to review the rules of safe BBQ operation.


General Safety

General safety items that should be done no matter what grill you own include:

  • Always read the manual when you get a new grill.

  • Keep your BBQ outside; you should never operate any grill indoors, or in the garage. Propane and natural gas barbecues should be operated in well-ventilated areas and follow all safe operating practices listed in the owner’s manual.

  • Maintain proper clearance to combustibles. As per the manufacturer’s suggestions, we recommend 20 inches to the rear of the grill, 7 inches from the sides, and 24 inches if the grill is placed near vinyl siding.

  • Use only an outdoor-rated extension cord when plugging in your grill to the required GFI outlet.

  • Ensure the grill is completely cooled before covering after cooking.

  • When lighting your grill, keep the lid open. This prevents gas from pooling within the grill box and under the lid, which would - best-case - leave you with some interesting looking eyebrows.

  • After you are done cooking and have given your grill a little scrub – more on that later - shut down the grill properly. Turn off the burners, then the gas at the tank, or your natural gas – there should be a shut off close to the grill.



SafetyGlow changes the light on the grill control knobs from blue to red when the gas is on. This means that you can’t accidentally leave your BBQ on. It’s also handy to indicate where your heat zones are for direct and indirect grilling.


LED spectrum NIGHT LIGHT™ control knobs take the life-changing NIGHT LIGHT™ and SafetyGlow knobs to a whole new level. Customize the look of your NIGHT LIGHT™ control knobs from the original blue LED lights to any color in the spectrum with the exception of SafetyGlow red so that you can tell when your grill is-a-cookin’. Can’t decide on a color? Cycle through the spectrum instead, making your nighttime grilling a psychedelic experience.



Propane Grills

Aside from the general rules of safe grilling, propane grills have their own set of rules that should be followed.

  • Leak test your grill every time the propane cylinder is refilled and changed.

  • Propane cylinders should not be stored indoors or in the garage, even portable ones. They should be stored in a well-ventilated shed away from the house or, failing that outdoors in a shady spot if they are not being used. Do not store tanks that aren’t being used (spare or extra tanks) in places where the temperature can get too hot, like a car in the middle of summer or under the grill, not hooked up.


When Cooking on the BBQ

We have a few blogs on food safety, however, there are a few things to consider when you are cooking on your Napoleon grill that aren’t specifically related to the food temperatures and time. Things like:

  • Always have things on hand to move hot food on and off the grill. This can include a sturdy pair of tongs, heat resistant BBQ gloves, spatulas, and boards or plates to put the food onto when done.

  • Be prepared for any eventuality, which includes fire safety. Always have a box or two of baking soda on hand in the off chance of a grease fire. When plank grilling, have a spray bottle or a bucket of water on hand in case the plank ignites.

  • Food safety is also very important considering it is what you are using your BBQ for in the first place. Remember to use sanitary practices including washing your hands, avoiding cross-contamination by using clean utensils and boards instead of the ones that were used to transport the raw foods.

  • Finally, remember to keep your Napoleon Grill clean. Empty the drip tray and scrape out the drip pan every 4 to 5 uses, and give your barbecue a deep clean at least twice per season.



Hopefully you reviewed the rules of safe barbecuing when using natural gas and propane grills. Most of these rules should be automatically followed. Did you learn anything new? Tell us about your best grilling experiences by sharing on our social pages like Facebook and Instagram by using the hashtags #GreatestGrill and #NapoleonGrills.

Happy Grilling!