How to Care For Your Infrared Sizzle Zone™

Infrared cooking has been around since someone had the brilliant idea of using fire to make food taste better. Napoleon was able to bring infrared grilling technology to the home in an affordable manner by adding the Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ into the side shelves of our grills. Our SIZZLE ZONE™ technology is a fast and easy way to prepare food with restaurant-quality results. By now you’re probably well versed in preparing food using this flavorful grilling style. Instead, let’s talk about making sure that yours works perfectly for years to come by learning how to care for your Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™.


How Does It Work?

A SIZZLE ZONE™ burner is incredible. If you look closely, you will see that the ceramic brick in your SIZZLE ZONE™ is full of tiny holes and grooves. Gas is forced through those holes and ignited by a spark. Since there are so many of these small holes, very little gas is needed to warm the ceramic, which superheats to upwards of 1800°F in seconds. The red glow of the Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ is actually long wave infrared energy that is responsible for the intense heat. This incredible heat transfers into the cooking grids directly above the SIZZLE ZONE™. The grids get hot and create those delicious sear marks on your food.



How to maintain your SIZZLE ZONE™

1800°F is hot! So hot, in fact, that most grease and food particles that fall near or on to the Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ are instantly vaporized. You can ensure a long life by taking care of your side burner using these simple steps.

  • Heat it up
    After cooking something that created a mess, turn the Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ on to high for 5 to 10 minutes. This will vaporize anything that may be on the burner.

  • Venturi out there:
    Every once in a while, take your SIZZLE ZONE™ apart. Use the Venturi Brush to clean out the burner’s gas supply tube. This can be done at the same time as the rest of the burners on your grill. It’s a good idea to do this to avoid debris and insect nests.

  • Sweep up crumbs:
    If there is debris on or around your SIZZLE ZONE™, wait until the burner and grids are completely cool. Use a soft bristled brush, like a paintbrush to literally sweep away the crumbs.

  • Check the trap:
    There is a grease tray under your Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™. Check this every third or fourth time you sizzle, emptying anything that is in there. This tray is shallower than the one found under your main burners. Though most grease is vaporized, and so are most crumbs too, there are always a few that escape.


The Art of Sizzling

Did you know that you can use your Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ for more than just searing up a delicious meal? Use it for preparing sauces, boiling, simmering, and frying too! It’s great for use as a burner just like the one on your stove. Learning to use your SIZZLE ZONE™ is a bit of an art form, but once mastered, you will be a grilling guru. Here are some pointers to make sure that you get the best and most out of yours.

  • Never leave anything on a lit burner. The Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ is hot stuff and things can go from perfectly seared to scorched mess in seconds.

  • If you’re using your side burner as an extra burner, remember not to cover more than 75% of the cooking surface on the SIZZLE ZONE™. Doing so can deprive the burner of oxygen and prevent proper heating, or cause back flash.

  • Water and the Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ don’t mix. Keep the burner covered when it isn’t in use, and don’t let water come into contact with it, especially if the burner is on, this can cause the delicate ceramic to crack.

The Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ is a fantastic addition to your grill. It uses less gas to produce the most incredible, restaurant-quality sear on your food. It heats in seconds for faster grilling and makes an excellent place to cook sauces and side dishes. Knowing how to care for your Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ will ensure that your side burner will have a long life, making incredible meals for your family and friends.