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How to Maintain Your Napoleon Marinade Injector

Upgrade your next grilled meal by adding extra flavor directly into the meat with Napoleon’s Stainless Steel Marinade Injector. As expected, things can get a tad messy after infusing your favorite foods with delicious marinades and flavors. That’s all right; it’s just as easy to clean a marinade injector, as it is to use it with these simple tips.


What to look for in an Injector

Well, first you want to own one. We recommend our Stainless Steel Marinade Injector, naturally, it has everything you would need to get you started in injecting. When looking for one of your own, make sure that it has these key features.


Quality Construction

Make sure that the marinade injector you are considering is made from quality materials like glass and stainless steel, or all stainless steel. Glass and stainless will ensure that you don’t accidentally inject anything but the intended flavor into the meat. Beware of hard plastic barrels, they can crack easily.



Every good marinade injector comes with at least two needles. One, for pure liquids like brine or butter, and one with a larger opening for thick marinades, herbs, and even minced garlic.


Ease Of Use

Is that injector easy to use? Is it easy to dismantle? Is it easy to clean? Don’t settle, you want to answer yes to all of those questions. A great marinade injector should also come with a storage container to ensure that you never lose or break a part.



How to clean your Marinade Injector

Once you have used it, and your meal is on the grill, it’s time to clean your marinade injector, making sure that it is ready for the next BBQ. There are a couple of ways to clean your injector.

  1. Fill a deep cup with hot soapy water, like when you fill the injector with marinade, place the needle into the liquid and pull the plunger, filling the chamber with the dishwater. Depress the plunger, ejecting the water. Repeat until clean. This is great when you have a liquid marinade that does not contain herbs or is juice or brine based. Disassemble the marinade injector and allow it to dry.

  2. If you used a thick sauce or marinade with herbs, you will want to completely disassemble the injector to clean it. Submerge all parts in hot, soapy water and use a bottle brush to scrub out the interior of the barrel. Use the included brushes to clean the needle. Allow everything to dry.

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Very Important

Once everything is dry, dip the rubber end of the plunger into some melted coconut oil, or peanut oil. There are a few reasons to do this. It helps the plunger move freely within the chamber, prevents the rubber from drying out and finally, will enhance the seal of the rubber for the next time you use the marinade injector.


Now that you have the ideal marinade injector in your accessory arsenal and know how to use it, what delicious meals will you make? Tell us all about it on our social platforms like Facebook and Instagram by using the hashtag #BBQMarinadeInjector and #NapoleonGrill.