How to Prevent Lobster Tails from Curling While on the Grill

Summer is grilling season. For most people, this means pounds of meat sizzling over hot charcoal. However, if you’re more of a seafood-type person, you’d probably swap the beef for some lobster tails. The trouble with grilling lobster tails is that they tend to curl up, which can be super annoying.


How do you stop Lobster Tails from Curling?

To make a lobster tail stay straight during the grilling process, run a skewer through it lengthwise. If you’re working with extra-large tails, cut them in half before skewering. This technique works when grilling whole lobster too, and all you need to do is make sure that the skewer runs through its entire length. You can do the same with shrimp and prawns.

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Grilled Lobster Tails


How to Grill Lobster Tails

The process is relatively simple and requires just a few essential ingredients. You can use either frozen or fresh tails of any size. Once the tails are thawed (if you’re using frozen), it’s time to prepare the grill—light up the gas or charcoal to medium heat or as close to medium as possible. While the grill’s heating up, skewer the lobster tails and season them; a teaspoon of olive oil for each tail and salt to taste. Next, pour a bit of cooking oil on a paper towel and spread it over the rack. Cooking spray will do fine too – but spray before you turn on the barbecue. Throw the tails on the grill, and make sure that the meat side is up. Close the lid. Flip the tails after 3 minutes. After another 3 minutes, check the meat to see if it’s done. If it’s opaque, it’s cooked; if not, give it another minute or two. Be careful not to overcook them. Serve the tails with lemon wedges and melted butter.

Extra Tips for Grilling Lobster Tails

  • When using frozen tails, be sure to thaw them in the fridge to prevent the meat from spoiling

  • It’s best to let them defrost overnight

  • De-shell the tails using kitchen shears, as it’s easier to do than with a knife

  • Season the tails after skewering them because the oil will make them slippery and harder to hold

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How to Find the Perfect Tails

The easiest way to get optimal tails is to buy them prepackaged, frozen, and grill-ready. Then, It’s up to you to defrost, season, and cook them. As for the ideal size, well, it’s a matter of personal preference. The biggest that you’ll find goes between 16 to 20 oz and is considered jumbo. Smaller pieces are usually around 6 or 7 oz. The best place to get the freshest lobster is from where you can get the best Maine lobster delivered directly to your front door. 

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Charcoal Grilled Lobster


The Best Sides to Serve with Grilled Lobster

You may be surprised to hear that meat is a popular side of lobster. Yup, this seafood delicacy is often served with shrimp and steak or other kinds of meat!

If you’re not a fan of too much protein, try pairing the lobster with some mashed potatoes or grilled veggies. Asparagus works well here. Aside from tasting excellent, vegetables enhance the presentation. In other words, they make everything on the plate look nicer. Rice is another popular lobster side dish. If you don’t like any of the above, feel free to get creative and try out different things!

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Charcoal or Gas? Fresh or Frozen?

As the size of the lobster tails, the type of grill is also a matter of individual preference. However, there are some objective differences here that everyone trying to choose between gas and charcoal should know. The charcoal grill gives the meat that lovely smokiness you can’t get with any other medium of food preparation. On the other hand, it’s much less convenient to use than the gas grill. It’s difficult to control the heat, and the entire process may get messy.

The differences in taste between frozen and raw lobster aren’t astronomical, but the level of convenience is. Ideally, fresh tails need to be bought and consumed on the same day, while frozen ones can sit in your freezer for a couple of months. When it comes to skewering and grilling them, there’s no difference at all. is dedicated to providing live Maine lobsters and premium seafood to white tablecloth restaurants, hotels, and large institutions throughout the United States. Available year-round from a sustainable fishery and locally caught by independent lobstermen. We specialize in Live Maine lobster and frozen lobster tail delivery. 

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