Top Places to Bring Your TravelQ BBQ this Summer

Summer is all about chasing sunshine in your neighborhood park, building sand castles at the beach, eating ice cream by the pool to beat the heat, and grilling delicious BBQ to turn up the heat!

There is no denying that BBQ is a great unifier. Whether you’re a fan of burgers, pork chops, ribs, or stuffed squash, you’re bound to have a big appetite while you’re on a trip with your nearest and dearest. No matter where the summertime takes you, you can satisfy your culinary cravings with the help of your trusty travel BBQ grill.

If you’ve been looking for the best places to bring your travel BBQ this summer, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling the ultimate list for you. From your friend’s backyard all the way to your favorite national park, your travel BBQ grill will make your summer adventures that much sweeter—and savory!




Your Favorite National Park Campsite

Are you the outdoorsy type? If you are, you’ll be a happy camper with the TravelQ portable gas grill by your side. Nothing really compares to the feeling of driving up to a waterfront campsite with your family or friends and setting up your gear for a relaxing weekend away.

After pitching a tent, the sun sets and the stars come out to watch you expertly flip hotdogs, steaks, ribs, burgers, and veggies on the grill. The TravelQ may be compact, but that doesn’t prevent it from packing a punch. Its grill surface measures 240 sq. in., which is spacious enough to accommodate large servings of your choice BBQ meat and greens.

Contrary to popular belief, camping does not equate to eating pork and beans out of a can, because the TravelQ gives you the power to whip up gourmet meals even in the midst of the wilderness.


Public Parks

Your travel BBQ grill will feel right at home perched on a picnic table at your neighborhood public park. When you’re surrounded by vast greenery and lakes, there is a multitude of opportunities to run, play, hike, swim, and daydream to your heart’s content.

After you’ve worked up an appetite, you can fire up your travel BBQ grill to cook up your favorite recipes. Many public parks offer amenities that help make your grilling experience easier, such as washing stations, while you enjoy the sunlit outdoor magic.


At the Beach

The beach is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the sea, sand, and sky. Let the lapping of the waves be your soundtrack while you live your best life in paradise. This dreamy scene would only be complete with a few burgers and hotdogs grilling to perfection on your TravelQ.



Tailgate Parties

Tailgate parties are practically customary at sports events. There’s just something exciting about gathering with your friends in a parking lot to hold a tailgate party before the big game kicks off.

If you ever find yourself gearing up to watch the next big event, you’ll find that most stadiums offer multiple parking spaces for people who are tailgating. These types of venues often have permit requirements, but if you can successfully secure one, your travel BBQ grill will definitely be the life of the tailgate party.


A Friend's Backyard

You can easily fire up the grill in your own backyard, but where’s the travel fun in that? Take your portable TravelQ grill to your friend’s house for twice the fun. Ask your friends to bring the refreshments and desserts, and you’ll supply the main.


About the TravelQ 240

This summer, your wanderlust beckons and it invites you to travel to your dream destinations—but not without your travel BBQ grill, of course!

The TravelQ 240 is one of the most compact yet powerful grills in the Napoleon collection. Engineered for gourmet grilling on the go, this portable gas barbecue ensures that high-quality food follows you wherever you go this summer.

This portable grill is powered by a large, durable, stainless steel burner that enables you to sear your signature dishes beautifully. Let’s not forget the fact that it comes with a revolutionary WAVE grid that offers even heat distribution and prevents food from falling into the grill.

To top it all off, operating the TravelQ 240 is as easy as can be with the mere push of a button.



BBQ for the Foodie On-The-Go

When planning the perfect summer getaway, a travel BBQ grill is always indispensable. Nothing brings family and friends closer together like the inviting aroma and flavor of barbecue with a summer wonderland as your backdrop. Make the most of your cooking experience on-the-go with Napoleon’s TravelQ 240! Where will your grilling adventures take you this summer?