What is a Marinade Injector and How Do I Use It?

Your rubs are okay, and marinades are fine, but if only there was a way to get big flavor deep into the big piece of meat you were barbecuing for dinner; a way to ensure that things stayed moist and succulent while cooking on the BBQ. There is! Learn about marinade injectors, and how to use them to achieve the best flavor from your favorite grilled meals in this comprehensive article that gets right to the meat of the matter.


What is a marinade injector?

A marinade injector looks like a giant needle because it literally is. It’s a syringe-like tool that is used to impregnate meat with added moisture and flavor. You’re not inoculating your food though; you’re bringing the flavor instead. Use a Napoleon Marinade Injector to infuse your favorite sauces and marinades, producing flavor from the inside – out. Napoleon’s Stainless Steel Marinade Injector features a stainless barrel with a see-thru window with measurements. There are two needles to allow for use with thin liquids or the larger gauge needle for thicker marinades that may contain small chunks of garlic or herbs.


How to use a marinade injector

It may seem fairly straightforward. Fill the chamber, stick the meat, press the plunger, and done. There is an art to using a marinade injector successfully. Follow the easy steps below and see.


1. Know the thickness of your sauce.

You need to decide what you are injecting into the meat. You can go simple, like juice, wine, or melted butter, or you can go complex, like salad dressing, hot sauce, or something you made yourself.


2. Pull in flavor.

Once you decide what you are going to inject, fill the barrel of the of the marinade injector by pulling the plunger back.


3. Insert the needle in the right spot.

Now it’s time to inject your meat. For long thin pieces of meat like chicken breasts, pork chops, and such, insert the needle horizontally. For larger things like roasts, inject everywhere. If your food has bones, try to avoid hitting them, or injecting liquid along the bone.


4. Go through the motions.

When pushing the plunger; slowly pull the needle out of the meat, but not fully. Reposition the needle at a slightly different angle and repeat. The idea is to get the liquid you are injecting into the meat without creating pockets.

Marinade Injector


PRO TIP: Use a tall and narrow container for the liquid you are injecting. This will make it easier to fill your injector.


Inspiring Injector Ideas

Using your marinade injector to get the best flavor in your BBQ is as easy as can be. All you need is a flavor profile that you are going for. Make it Mexican with a lime, chili, and butter injection. Brighten your beef with some Shiraz or Merlot. Or instead of making wings hot on the outside, inject them with your favorite spicy sauce.


How to use a marinade injector

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