Why You Need To Double Smoke Your Brisket Point

If you haven’t tried a double-smoked brisket point, can you even call yourself a pitmaster? A grilling enthusiast? Actually yes, you can, but still. What are Double Smoked Brisket Points anyway? Why do we love them so? These nuggets of barbecue glory have a history and even a scientific reason for being the amazing little bites that they are.


What are Double Smoked Brisket Points?

Double Smoked Brisket Points are made from the brisket point, they’ve been smoked, then seasoned again, and smoked further. They are sauced up, cooked a little longer, and then served as an appetizer, side dish, or on sandwiches. Double Smoked Brisket Points are quite possibly the anti-barbecue-est meat dish ever and yet they are so gosh darn good that people will line up for hours to get them from certain barbecue joints. Why are they anti-barbecue? Well, for the most part, most BBQ enthusiasts say that the meat should stand on its own. That you shouldn’t overseason, overcook, or over-sauce anything really. But we do all of that and more to create Double Smoked Brisket Points.

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History of Double Smoked Brisket Points

In the beginning, there was nothing. Then there was fire and smoke. Beef was added and brisket was discovered shortly thereafter. However, historically, the Double Smoked Brisket Point was made from the toughest outer bits, oddly shaped, and considered scrap. They were removed, tossed away, given away, or used in stew and baked beans. The brilliant barbecue team at Arthur Bryant’s decided to sauce these little gems and serve them as a snack to customers waiting to order. Double Smoked Brisket Points got their big break in a 1970’s Playboy article that expounded the absolute glory of these tasty morsels while the author ate another disappointing meal while dreaming of Arthur Bryant’s Double Smoked Brisket Points. From then on, they became a staple of every Kansas-Style Barbecue restaurant. They’re so popular that patrons line up to order them and Double Smoked Brisket Points are often sold out before the dinner rush.


So, What Makes a Double Smoked Brisket Point?

The Double Smoked Brisket Point as we know it today is made from the brisket point. This is because of the higher fat content which makes it ideal for extra cooking. Some remove the point prior to starting the smoking process, others smoke the whole brisket until the flat is done. Either way, for proper Double Smoked Brisket Points, the point is removed from the smoker and then from the flat, cut into bite-sized chunks, re-seasoned, and smoked further. They are then sauced and cooked a little bit longer before being served.

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Is There a Science Behind Double Smoked Brisket Points?

Yes. There is, in fact, a science behind the Double Smoked Brisket Points. Things we have discussed like caramelization, rendering, and the secret behind why grilled food tastes good. So what happens to make Double Smoked Brisket Points so delicious? The second smoking allows the fat to render out further – remember that the point is the fattier end of the brisket and has more connective tissue than the flat, extending the smoke or adding a second smoke will continue to turn the connective tissue of the point into meat jello. If you chose to re-season the meat before the second round of cooking, the additional seasonings will form an even richer bark because the fat that is rendering out will help to create crisp edges. Finally, the Double Smoked Brisket Points are sauced and returned to the heat where the sugars in the sauce can caramelize too. In the end, you have something that is the mecca of your five senses when it comes to food. This glorious combination of sweet and salty, smoky, tender, and crunchy all at once is an umami bomb that will blow you away.



Can you Make Fake/Faux Double Smoked Points? Is That Even Legal?

There is such a thing as faux Double Smoked Points. They’re definitely not illegal and when prepared with care, can be a great stand-in if you aren’t able to prepare a whole brisket. You can make Double Smoked Brisket Points using chuck and following a similar process to proper Double Smoked Brisket Points. Rub the chuck, smoke at a temperature between 225°F and 250°F until the meat reaches around 190°. (Keeping in mind that there is a different amount of connective tissue and fat to render in a chuck roast.) Then chop, season, sauce, and cook for another 1 to 3 hours until the sauce and meat is caramelized to your heart’s content. You can do the same thing with beef finger meat, or even better, try it with pork belly instead.

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Now that you know what Double Smoked Brisket Points are, will you make them? Do you love Double Smoked Brisket Points? Share your secret brisket technique, favorite recipes, or just your success stories on our social pages like Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtags #BBQbrisket and #NapoleonEats.

Happy Grilling!

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