Ultimate 9700 Series

The Furnace Reinvented

Up to 97% AFUE
2 Stage, Variable Speed
UV-C Technology Included

The 9700 is our most efficient Gas Furnace, featuring a powerful two-stage motor and quietest operation in the industry.

Ultimate 9700 Series :

Ultimate 9700 Series



Ultimate 9700 Series

The Ultimate 9700 Series Gas Furnace is the most stylish in the industry. Meeting all your heating needs, the powerful two-stage system provides consistent and comfortable temperatures. For greater comfort and efficiency, the low-fire stage will provide for your heating requirements for most of its operation, reducing electricity consumption significantly. On colder days, this furnace supplies an extra boost of heat with the high-fire, second stage, creating fewer fluctuations in comfort levels. The whisper quiet operation of the motor employs a ‘soft start’ and ‘soft stop’ which gradually increases and decreases speed, quietly introducing air and reducing noise. With automatic internal LED lights and a modular design, maintenance and service are incredibly easy. With the reliable heat and comfort that the 9700 provides, you will forget that it is cold outside.




10 Year Parts Limited
10 Year Parts
Limited Warranty
15 Year Unit Replacement Limited
15 Year Unit Replacement
Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty
Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited
Lifetime Heat Exchanger
Limited Warranty

*Please refer to warranty page for full information.



Up to 97% AFUE


Two Stage
Variable Speed
UV-C Technology
Hybrid Solution
Wi-Fi Enabled

BTU Range:

35,000 BTU - 105,000 BTU








*Please refer to product specsheet for exact installation instructions.

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The amount of comfort for every dollar spent

Like miles-per-gallon, the higher the AFUE the lower the fuel costs, and the 9700 is the most efficient at 97%.

SureView Burner Window

See your furnace working

A first in the industry, the patented SureView burner system window allows a unique view of the flames in operation

Clean Air Tehnology (included)

Chemical Free Sanitization

UV-C air sanitization technology comes already installed to stop pathogens and viruses from spreading through your home's air

Variable Speed Technology

Save fuel and money

The blower runs at first stage most of the time, reducing electrical use, powering up to second stage for a needed boost of heat


Super quiet furnace

The fully insulated cabinet and motors that gradually change speed reduce the initial rush of air for near-silent operation

The Vortex Turbulator

Disrupt the flow

Increase efficiency through disruption of natural airflow which extracts the maximum heat from flue gasses

Flexible Maintenance

Easily remove or swap major componants

Modular design and componants ensure that maintenance and service are incredibly easy

Full list of Features

Up to 97% AFUE
Whisper Quiet Operation
Modular Components
Variable Speed Motor
SureView Burner Window
Patented Vortex Technology
Two-Stage Heating
FlexFit - Upflow, Right, Left
Natural Gas or Propane
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