Gas Log Sets

Fiberglow™ Series

Modèles disponibles: 18, 24 & 30

Install a Napoleon Fiberglow Series Gas Log Set into your inefficient wood-burning fireplace without need of major renovations.

Starting at $999USD

Fiberglow™ Series

Modèles disponibles: 18, 24 & 30

Install a Napoleon Fiberglow Series Gas Log Set into your inefficient wood-burning fireplace without need of major renovations.

Starting at $999USD

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Add an instant upgrade to your old wood-burning fireplace. Instead of chopping wood and hauling logs, a flip of the switch will instantly ignite a realistic wood fire. While a professional will need to hook up this unique fireplace solution, there is no need for costly renovations when a Gas Log Set is chosen. They are simply installed into an existing wood fireplace opening. Gas Log Sets vent directly out of the existing chimney. Radiant heat from the logs and flames heat the space in which they are installed and continue to do so until the logs have cooled. Relax in front of a roaring fire with the highest flames in the industry, as they dance among hand-painted realistic logs.

Transform your traditional masonry fireplace into a haven of effortless warmth and comfort with a Napoleon Gas Log Set. In our bustling lives, where moments of calm and togetherness are precious, this elegant solution invites relaxation and quality time with family and friends. Napoleon’s gas logs simplify your life without sacrificing the cozy ambiance of a real fire, boasting an easy-to-use electronic ignition and a clean-burning infrared radiant heat system. For those who fancy a touch of modern flair, these fireplace logs also offer the option to switch to a chic, contemporary river rock setting, effortlessly blending tradition with modern style.

What Is Included in a Napoleon Gas Log Set?

At the core of each set is the burner, which is crucial for igniting and sustaining the flame. Grates and strong cast iron provide stability and support for the logs. The logs themselves are crafted to mimic authentic split wood, enhancing the natural appearance of the fire. Charcoal embers are included to simulate a bed of hot ashes, aiding in heat radiation, while lava rocks cover the bottom pan for added stability. An electronic ignition system ensures quick and reliable lighting of the set, and a millivolt valve system maintains consistent flame and heat levels. Many gas logs for a fireplace are also compatible with remote controls for convenient operation. Napoleon gas logs incorporate safety features, like low-oxygen sensors, to ensure safe usage, combining aesthetics with functionality and security.

Should I Choose Propane or Natural Gas?

Choosing between propane and natural gas for your fireplace logs is a decision that hinges on factors like availability, safety, and installation requirements. Your choice impacts not only the installation process and ongoing maintenance but also the efficiency and safety of your gas fireplace.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is the most common fuel source for gas fireplace logs, especially in urban and suburban areas. Its popularity stems from its wide availability and convenience. Usually, homes are already connected to a natural gas supply, making it easy to tap into your home’s existing natural gas line for your gas log set. An important characteristic of natural gas is that it is lighter than air. In the event of a leak, natural gas will rise and dissipate into the air, reducing the risk of gas accumulation at the floor level of your fireplace. This can be a significant safety advantage, as it helps prevent gas build-up in your living space.


Propane is more commonly used in rural areas where natural gas lines may not be available. It’s a practical option for homes that are off the grid or located in areas without natural gas infrastructure.

Propane is typically stored in a large standalone tank. These tanks can be installed on your property and will require regular refilling, which is something to consider in terms of maintenance and cost. Propane is heavier than air, meaning that in the case of a leak, it tends to settle on the floor. Most manufacturers recommend or require the use of a safety pilot kit with propane gas log sets. The safety pilot kit helps to burn off excess gas efficiently, reducing the risk of gas accumulation and potential hazards.

A professional installer or a gas supplier can provide insights specific to your location, the layout of your home, and the type of fireplace you have, ensuring that you choose the best gas source for your needs.

Is it Easy to Install a Gas Log Set for an Existing Fireplace?

Napoleon has smartly crafted gas logs for an existing fireplace already in your home. They’re designed to slide right into your current wood-burning fireplace, making the switch to gas a breeze without needing major remodels. It connects easily to your home’s gas supply, whether natural gas or propane and combines air and gas within its burner before ignition. This process, essential to the functioning of a gas fireplace, ensures efficient combustion and a realistic flame, thanks to the smooth airflow towards the air intake opening.

Switching from wood to gas is straightforward and wallet-friendly. The main task? Get a gas line hooked up, ideally performed by a professional gas fitter, to ensure safety and adherence to local codes and regulations. Before installation, a thorough inspection and cleaning of your chimney are recommended to address any blockages or structural issues, ensuring the safe operation of the gas logs.

When it comes to fitting in your gas log set, it’s important to consider the space requirements. This includes maintaining clearances around the fireplace to prevent overheating of nearby combustible materials. Make sure you have enough room for additional components like a valve or remote control system.

What Is the Difference Between One-Sided and Two-Sided Gas Logs?

One-sided gas logs are the traditional choice for standard fireplaces with a single viewing angle. They’re the go-to option due to their compatibility with classic fireplace designs, offering a realistic wood-burning aesthetic from the primary viewpoint. However, one drawback is limited visibility, restricting enjoyment to one side. This can be less impactful in larger or open-plan areas.

Two-sided gas logs, often referred to as “see-through” or “peninsula” styles, are designed for visibility from multiple angles, making them a stylish and modern choice for connecting two spaces with one fire feature. These gas fireplace logs are ideal for innovative home layouts, adding a dramatic and cozy atmosphere across different rooms. However, installation may be more complex and potentially more expensive.

Are Gas Logs Efficient?

Napoleon Gas Log Sets bring unmatched control and efficiency to your fireplace experience. With the ability to adjust both flame and heat output, these sets allow you to tailor the ambiance and warmth to suit any occasion, from a soft glow to a vibrant blaze. It not only enhances the atmosphere but also boosts energy efficiency, enabling you to reduce heat and save on gas when less warmth is needed.

Boasting an impressive heating capacity, Napoleon’s Fiberglow™ Series offers up to 65,000 BTUs, while the Reversible Vented Sets provide a remarkable 80,000 BTU burner. These high BTU ratings signify their prowess in generating ample heat, making them ideal for efficiently warming larger areas. What sets Napoleon gas fireplace logs apart is the use of infrared heat in the Fiberglow™ series. They feature ceramic fiber logs that continue to radiate heat into the room even after the flames are extinguished. This results in sustained warmth and a comfortable temperature over time. The high BTU output, combined with adjustable heat control, ensures a realistic “wood fire” experience without the hassle or smell.

Are Gas Logs Safe?

Napoleon gas fireplace logs boast a precision SIT valve so that the proper amount of natural gas or propane flows into the system. This ensures optimal burning and the safety of the fireplace logs. They vent exhaust up the chimney so harmful gases won’t linger in your home.

Our flame sensor is part of the Napoleon SAFE GUARD™ system, automatically shutting off the gas supply if any irregularities, like temperature fluctuations or gas leaks, are detected. For added safety, Napoleon gas logs include a backup control system. This ensures safe operation even if the primary system encounters any problems.

Forget the matchsticks and pilot lights. Our Fiberglow™ Series ignites flawlessly every time with its reliable electronic ignition. This adds convenience and enhances safety by lowering the risk of gas leaks, a common concern with pilot lights.

Do Gas Logs Provide an Authentic Experience?

Napoleon’s fireplace logs feature a venturi tube, a device that expertly blends air and fuel, creating the perfect combustion for a lifelike flame. The set’s ceramic logs are designed to mimic a natural wood stack and connect seamlessly to your home’s gas supply. When ignited, these logs come alive with flames that dance and flicker, capturing the essence of a real wood fire.

How Do I Maintain the Gas Log Set?

Napoleon gas logs are low maintenance. Unlike traditional wood-burning fireplaces, there’s no ash to tidy up. Clean the glass on your fireplace logs regularly, following the instructions in your manual. Use cream or alcohol-based cleansers recommended by fireplace specialists. For the logs, a regular dusting routine is essential. Simply brush gently from top to bottom to keep each log free from debris and maintain the beauty and functionality of your fireplace.

Regular servicing by a qualified technician is advised to ensure the gas log set continues to operate safely and efficiently. This should include checking the venturi tube for blockages, inspecting the ceramic logs for damage, and ensuring the gas lines and burner system components are clean and functioning correctly.

Can I Use the Gas Log During a Power Outage?

Yes, you can use your gas log during a power outage. The electronic ignition system in Napoleon’s gas log sets includes a battery backup. This feature ensures that the gas log can be ignited and function reliably, even when there’s no electricity.

For personalized advice and insights on our range of products, we encourage you to consult a local Napoleon dealer. They’re equipped to provide expert guidance, helping you choose the best Napoleon products for your home, considering your specific needs and local environment. Visit a Napoleon expert near you for tailored recommendations and to explore our collection.

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