Modèles disponibles:
36 & 42

Elevation™ X Series

Exceptional Traditions

Elevation™ X Series :

Exceptional Traditions

The Elevation X Series is Napoleon's premium offering in the traditional gas fireplace platform. Including both a 36” and 42” model, the deeper set firebox creates a more authentic and impressive display of fire. The glowing ENDLESS EMBERS electric ember bed, coupled with the Ultra High Definition log sets, establish the most realistic experience that you are sure to love.


Caractéristiques clés de la série


Type de carburant:


Type de vue:

Single Sided

Modèles disponibles:

36 & 42
Elevation X Sizes Chart

Caractéristiques clés de la série

  • Up to 45,000 BTU’s
  • Log burners
  • Clean face design with full firebox flame
  • Three ultra high definition premium log set options include: driftwood, split oak and birch
  • Zen front available in both charcoal and black
  • Whitney and Denali premium fronts available with iron elements available in three color options
  • Finishing trim available in charcoal, black, gunmetal and copper
  • Ten decorative brick kits include MIRRO-FLAME porcelain reflective radiant panels, Westminster Standard and Herringbone, Newport Standard, Old Town Red Standard and Herringbone, Ledgestone Antique White, Glacier Herringbone and Standard as well as Black Illusion Glass
  • Modulating ENDLESS EMBERS electric ember bed fills the floor below the log set and are visible from every angle
  • Heat circulating blower included
  • Optional Dynamic Heat Control and Dynamic Heat Control Plus
  • Remote control included controls flame modulation, split-flow, ember bed lights and blower
  • eFIRE remote app - total control of your fireplace from your mobile device
  • Natural gas and propane models available. Ask your local Napoleon dealer for more information.

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Caractéristiques spéciales
Fireplace Heat Management
You Control The Heat

Napoleon's Heat Management allows you to install your television, art, and electronics closer to your fireplace. Heat management provides ways to direct the heat exactly where it is needed, which isn't necessarily in front of the fireplace.

eFire Bluetooth Controller
Fireplace Control From Your Phone

We have cracked the code and present to you the first fireplaces to be controlled by Bluetooth technology, using an intuitive app on your mobile device.

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Elevation™ X 42
President's Limited Lifetime Warranty*
Natural Gas
45,000 BTU
Internal Blower
36.44 x 28.94 in (92.56 x 73.51 cm)
45.75 in (116.21 cm)
47.75 in (121.29 cm)
22.25 in (56.52 cm)
44.62 in (113.33 cm)
47.56 in (120.80 cm)
22.50 in (57.15 cm)
Elevation™ X 36
President's Limited Lifetime Warranty*
Natural Gas
37,000 BTU
Internal Blower
30.44 x 24.94 in (77.32 x 63.35 cm)
39.75 in (100.97 cm)
43.75 in (111.13 cm)
22.25 in (56.52 cm)
38.62 in (98.09 cm)
43.56 in (110.64 cm)
22.56 in (57.30 cm)

*Veuillez consulter la page de garantie pour obtenir tous les détails.

Dimensions minimales de l’ossature. Pour obtenir les instructions d’installation, veuillez consulter le manuel d'installation.