Wall Hanging Electric Fireplaces

Shopping For A Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace?

Every home deserves a fireplace to create welcoming spaces and comfort. Some homes, apartments, condos, or rooms may not be able to house a gas or wood burning unit and that is where an Electric Fireplace will shine. They are a cost effective alternative to a gas fireplace installation. Wall Hanging Electric Fireplaces are fantastic and modern. They are ready to use straight from the box and can be hung easily like a piece of art. Plug one in and you have an instant fireplace without the need for venting, remodelling, or contractors. Coming in many different sizes and shapes from a luxurious 100-inches long to a respectable 16-inches wide vertical Electric Fireplace, Electric Fireplaces can add gravitas to an office space, that final luxurious touch to a bathroom, welcoming warmth to an entrance, or that final touch to any other room in a home. Low energy usage, bright LEDs for day and nighttime brilliance, multi-coloured flames, and heating control are but some of the features that you can find in a Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace, making them perfect for just about any space that you can imagine.


Entice™ Series

Available in 36, 42, 50, 60, 72 & 100

Completely transform your space by hanging a Napoleon Entice™ Electric Fireplace.


Stylus™ Series

Available in 59

Napoleon's Stylus™ Wall Mount Electric Fireplace is contemporary, artistic, and functional too.


Alluravision™ Series

Available in 42, 50, 60, 74 & 100

See the fireplace, not the frame with Napoleon’s Alluravision™ Series linear electric fireplaces.


Allure™ Phantom Series

Available in 60

Allure™ Phantom Series Electric Fireplaces and enjoy the view without the glare or reflections.


Allure™ Vertical Series

Available in 32 & 38

Napoleon’s Allure Vertical Electric Fireplaces create a trendsetting focal point in any space.