How to Prepare your Air Conditioner for Summer

The hottest season of the year is on its way and you’ve got your summer all planned out — but did “HVAC prep” make it to your checklist? Unless you want to spend your summer sticking your head in the fridge because of a malfunctioning air conditioner, it’s time to make sure your HVAC system is ready to take on the scorching heat.

Not only will a well-prepped HVAC provide you with an ideal indoor temperature, but it will also spare your wallet from a ridiculously high electricity bill.


Clean or Replace the Filter

Cleaning an HVAC filter is an easier task to complete than you would think, so there’s no excuse to neglect it. All you have to do is rinse it under running water, let it dry, and it’s good to go.

Getting rid of all the dust and dirt that has accumulated will allow your HVAC to maximize its cooling power. Buildup on an air conditioner’s filter will restrict airflow and cause the unit to work much harder than it should. The result? A skyrocketing electricity bill.

Neglecting the maintenance of your filter will also result in poor air quality. No one wants to breathe in dusty air. If a simple clean-up won’t do the job, it might be time to replace the filter. Typically, they should be replaced once or twice a year. During summertime, when usage is more frequent, filters might need to be replaced once a month. This depends entirely on the model of your Napoleon HVAC product.



Dust Off the Vents

Don’t forget to give your vents a thorough cleaning. This is among the top HVAC tips for summer to keep in mind. If you’re seeing dirt build up on the vents outside of your HVAC system, this is a clear indication that the airflow is being highly affected. Dirt, dust, debris, and even pet hair can all accumulate between the spaces and prevent your unit from running efficiently.

In addition, make sure that your HVAC’s vents are always open. Closed vents contribute to increased electricity bills and will eventually damage the system. The increased pressure inside the ducts will cause the motor to work at a slower pace and release less cool air.


Check the Ducts

If your unit doesn’t seem to be working at its most optimal, there could be a leak in the air ducts. The reason why your air isn’t as cool as it was before could be because of a loose spot or a tear. The easiest way to locate hard-to-spot tears is by setting your HVAC on full blast. Place your hands near the ducts and their joints. If you feel air coming through, you’ve officially found the culprit.

Another way to identify tears is through incense. Place the lit incense under the ductwork and check to see if the smoke twirls in an unusual pattern. If this happens, then it’s clearly being blown by a gap in the air ducts.

Once you’ve identified the tears, duct tape will work as a quick fix. However, this shouldn’t be a permanent solution. Mastic and aluminum foil tape are the best choices if you want to solve the issues for good.

Ducts can end up being breeding grounds for bugs, rodents, and dust mites if they aren’t cleaned out on a regular basis. To ensure that you get only the cleanest and freshest indoor air, always check the ducts.



Clear the Outdoor Space Surrounding the AC

You’ve taken care of the filter, the vents, and the ducts. Now it’s time to make sure the outdoor space surrounding your HVAC system is spotless.

This way, you can prevent debris from getting stuck in the unit. Dirt, leaves, and branches can all interfere with your HVAC’s proper functioning. If the outdoor portion of the unit isn’t well maintained, the HVAC’s lifespan will be greatly reduced and might even overheat at some point.

Keeping your outdoor space clean and clear is one of the vital HVAC maintenance tips that shouldn’t be overlooked.


Schedule a Check-Up with the Pros

While maintaining the cleanliness of your unit will always be one of the top HVAC tips for summer that you can easily do by yourself, there are some elements that should be taken care of by the professionals.

An HVAC’s coil, compressor, and refrigerant are some of the more complicated components that are best handled by certified technicians. Attempting a DIY approach on these parts could result in injuries or damage to the unit. To be 100% sure that your HVAC is in perfect condition for the season ahead, we recommend reaching out to a Napoleon dealer to schedule a check-up. Your HVAC will thank you.


Stay Cool for the Summer

There’s no surviving the summer without an HVAC system you can fully rely on. Prepping your unit with these top HVAC tips for homeowners right before the summer heat hits will ensure that your investment enjoys a long life. With the right preparation, you’ll be able to enjoy cleaner air and save money on your electricity bills.

Check out Napoleon’s top-tier AC products, their reliability, and ultra-high quality will help you stay cool for the summer.

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