The BBQ Lover Gifting Guide

Chances are, there’s a passionate griller in your life - it could be your good old dad, your best friend for years, or your beloved partner. Since you’ve had the chance to enjoy their delicious barbecue dishes at every family gathering or house party, it’s time to show your appreciation for the skill and effort they put into every meal with awesome gifts this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day gifts don’t necessarily need to be chocolates and flowers. It’s always better to get your loved one something they’ll truly enjoy such as those BBQ accessories they’ve been eyeing for months, some delicious herbs for cooking, or something else they would use every day. This is your chance to make their gifts personal and something they will cherish whenever they go to create another grilled masterpiece.


A Handy Digital Thermometer for the Grill Master

Any bona fide griller knows that when the grill is too hot for certain meats, it doesn’t end well. To avoid the likelihood of charcoaled lunches or raw chicken breasts on the plate, give them a digital thermometer to ensure food is cooked to the perfect temperature. Napoleon’s Bluetooth Wireless Digital BBQ Thermometer has 4 probes so you can monitor more meat or simply use one to monitor the grill temperature, which is handy when smoking. This gift will let your loved one kick back and relax in a chair, with a cold one in hand, while waiting for the grill to be ready.


A Salt Block or Platter to put Salt Bae to Shame

This is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the gourmet griller in your life. A Himalayan Salt Block can affect the overall taste of grilled meat, improving the final product and even adding healthy minerals to your meal. To use, heat the salt block slowly over high heat until it reaches searing temperatures. Sear the meal you are making like you would on the grill. The salt block can also be chilled for serving cold foods like sushi!


Claws for the Love of Pulled Pork

A true griller knows that BBQ claws are handy when it comes to preparing pulled pork. Even when the meat is tender, it’s still quite a task to shred the meat into smaller pieces, especially with a small fork. This claw-like BBQ accessory makes it easier for grillers to shred the meat into smaller pieces. The beloved griller in your life will appreciate it a lot!


A Burger & Slider Set for Someone Who Loves Burgers

Burgers are a staple at every barbecue party. They’re simple, loved, and always popular for people of all ages. Make perfect burgers and evenly stuffed patties or create two-bite sliders for the ideal barbecue appetizer - all with this handy burger and slider set. If you know someone who loves preparing burgers and sliders, this is the ideal BBQ accessory for them that you can give on Valentine’s day.



The Saucy Marinade Pot for All Occasions

Some grillers love to experiment with the unique marinade and sauce combinations for the best steaks and grilled meats. A set of saucepans and a silicone brush is a nifty BBQ accessory that lets them warm the sauces and easily spread the marinade on meats with its brush. The brush is made of soft silicone and it covers most of a cut’s surface and is also easy to clean. The metal pots can be placed on the grill or side burner to keep sauces hot until needed or even make awesome dishes.


Grill Brush for People Who Likes Spotless Grills

Grilling a lot means you will leave behind residue from meats and sauces. After barbecue parties, cleaning the grill properly becomes a task no one wants to do. But, with a set of grill cleaning brushes, they will be able to clean the barbecue easily and effectively, without straining their hands too much. Choose the brush with an ergonomic handle for comfort and efficiency. There are a variety of bristle styles available to meet even the most discerning pitmaster’s taste.


A Sharp Set of BBQ Tools

Do you love someone who’s really interested in grilling? Watching cooking shows on how to cook the meat perfectly? While sharp knives are important, the Napoleon Executive 4 Piece Toolset includes brushes, tongs, a spatula, and a great chef’s knife for their grilling needs. It’s a good start for your grill master wannabe.



Grill Light for Night Owls

Some people actually enjoy grilling at night because it’s cooler and peaceful, but definitely more challenging to cook meat properly. If you know someone who loves grilling at night, give them a handy grill light this Valentine’s day to show your appreciation. This will make grilling easier with its strong LED light and stable clamp to keep it in place.


Shish Kebab Set for more Mediterranean Lunches

Shish Kebab is a favourite dish served in most cookouts and barbecue parties, and it’s absolutely delicious. A good Napoleon’s Rotisserie Shish-Kebab Skewer Set will make it easier to grill the meat properly without putting it directly on the grill. This helps the meat cook evenly by turning it effortlessly with its metal frame rack and steel skewers for even cooking.

Have you decided on what to get your master griller this Valentine’s Day?