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Cleaning your Grids

How To Clean Stainless Steel Cooking Grids:

Brush your grill with a soft wire brush. Stainless steel or brass bristles will work fantastic.

If brushing with a soft wire brush does not work, preheat your grill to high, about 500°F. Let this go for about 5 to 10 minutes. Brush again. Man, that is stubborn. If it still isn't cleaning, then place a sheet of tinfoil, shiny side down, on your grids, over the offending area. Leave the foil there for 5 to 10 minutes, and then scrub again. Once the offending yuck has been cleaned off of your grids, allow them to cool slightly. Using protective gloves, rub the grids with cooking oil, preferably something like Coconut Oil, Palm Oil or Lard. The residual heat from the cleaning should help the fats bond to the metal creating a great non-stick surface. This is much like seasoning cast iron. Don’t forget to rub those grids with oil before cooking too.


HOW TO CLEAN Cast Iron Cooking Grids:

Caring for Cast Iron Cooking Grids is like caring for that awesome frying pan that has been in the family forever. If for some reason rust has appeared on the surface of these grids, scrub it gently off with steel wool and repeat the curing process again.

You can clean your grids with warm soapy water, but rinse thoroughly and dry them right away. Also, I really recommend that you do this when they’re not hot!

Once the grids are clean and dry, rub them down with a hardy fat like Lard, Coconut or Palm Oil. Heat your grill until it reaches high, about 500°F, then allow the grill to cool completely. This bonds the fats to the metal, seasoning it like that fantastic old frying pan. When you use your grill again, remember to use a softer brush, like the Abrasive Scrubber, to remove any particulates that may have stuck during cooking.


We have some more information about Cast Iron Cooking Grids in our Maintenance section of the site.

Everyone has a preference for their cleaning tools, something that works better for them. Check out the Maintenance Accessories to get an idea about what would work for you.

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