Three Things You Didn't Know You Could Do on a Gas BBQ

Did You Know Your Grill Could Do That? - Three Things You Never Thought To Use Your Napoleon Gas Grill For

Maybe you're a new grill owner looking for impressive ways to wow your dinner guests, or you're an experienced grill master who just wants some inspiration for the next great meal, either way, you have come to the right blog post on the right website. Did you know your gas grill could do that? Napoleon grills are versatile machines with powerful ways to cook the most magnificent meals. There are things you can do with a Napoleon that you may have never thought to use your gas grill for before. Without further ado- let's explore some of the unique things a Napoleon gas barbecue can do.


Cooking With Charcoal

That's correct. You don't need a whole other grill to use charcoal if you have a Napoleon Gas Grill. Simply place the Charcoal Tray on the burners, fill with a layer of lump charcoal, and replace the cooking grids. Use the gas burners to light the charcoal. When the coals are ready, cook away! You can use your favorite grilling techniques while using the charcoal tray, slowly roast using indirect heat, then sear over the hot coals to finish things off. You can also, just plain sear over the high heat of charcoal, just like when you use the Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™. There's also a crazy technique called clinching where you cook meat directly on the charcoal.


Smoking On A Gas BBQ

The Napoleon Stainless Steel Smoker Tube is a fantastic way to infuse that smoky grill flavor into the food you love. Filled with your wood chips, the smoker tube is simply placed on your sear plates over the lit burner. The heat will cause the wood to smolder and the resulting smoke will flavor your favorite foods. Conversely, you can use an envelope of aluminum foil filled with wood chips and placed on the cooking grids over your lit burner. Just remember to poke some holes in that foil to release that sweet, sweet smoke.

Now, if you have a Napoleon Prestige™ PRO 665 or 825 Gas Grill, you will have a built-in smoker tube. You can find that with the control knobs on the front panel of the grill. This little tray is perfect for holding wood chips and shavings for smoking, and there's a dedicated burner right underneath. This little smoker tray isn't ideal for super long or large smokes and would need a little extra help with the use of a Stainless Steel Smoker Tube, or a sachet of chips in foil. However, it's perfect for adding that touch of smoke to your grilled meals, roasts, steaks, and the like.

Hey, remember when we talked about using charcoal on your gas grill? Toss some wood chips onto those lit charcoal chunks and you've got yourself a smoker on a gas grill as well. These techniques can be used for cooking that lasts anywhere from half an hour - for that lightly smoked flavor, all the way to hours and hours - like for a whole pork shoulder.

It should go without saying that plain wood chips should not be added to a gas grill without the use of the charcoal tray and charcoal, or the use of a smoker tube or some other system of containment.

Smoked Steak


(Semi)Authentic Pizza Oven

A Napoleon grill can also become a pizza oven too! Whether you use charcoal or just the main burners, preheat your pizza stone on the grill and then bake some pizza, or bread, or even a delightful dessert. Pizza stones absorb and radiate heat which turns the already efficient, oven-like heat produced by a grill into an even more effective convection environment. Furthermore, when you place your favorite dough onto the surface of a hot stone, the stone will hit the food with a concentrated blast of heat, then will wick away the moisture of that dough to make the bottom crispy. Pizza stones are great at retaining and distributing heat evenly. You can keep yours on the grill or in the oven at all times to increase the efficiency of heat distribution at all times if you wanted to.

Did you know your grill could do that? Using your barbecue to quickly cook burgers, hot dogs, and chicken is one thing, but fully utilizing the unique abilities that your Napoleon Grill has is an entirely different proposition. There are so many techniques to get the most out of your grill that it is entirely possible that you will never run out of ideas on what to cook. What is your favorite way to use your Napoleon Grill? Leave a comment on our social pages like Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #napoleongrill and #uniqueTechnique and share what you cook up.

Pizza Stone