Grilling Made Easier with the Freestyle BBQ

Grilling is an art and you are the artist, but are you equipped with the right tools to complete your masterpiece? With BBQ season in full swing, it’s time to flex our burger-flipping muscles yet again. As the summer weather throws extra doses of sunshine on your backyard party escapades, standing over the grill for hours can tend to feel like an effortful chore.

Luckily, you can keep barbecuing fun and convenient with Napoleon’s Freestyle BBQ grill series. This easy-to-use grill was specially designed with user convenience as a top priority, so you can worry less about the hassle and focus more of your energy on the joy of grilling quality meats and veggies to perfection.

How does the Napoleon Freestyle BBQ grill series make your barbecue adventures easier? Let us count the ways!


Napoleon BBQ Grill Series: The Best Easy-to-Use BBQ Grills

Porcelainized Cast Iron Iconic Wave Cooking Grids

The secret to a mouthwatering rack of ribs or a savory batch of BBQ skewers is a good set of cooking grids. But did you know that not all BBQ cooking grids are made equally? Napoleon’s Freestyle grills are complemented by porcelainized cast iron iconic WAVE cooking grids, and they are truly like no other. The unique wave-shaped grids provide even heat transfer and prevent smaller foods from falling into the grill.

While the wavy shape of the grills can be great for keeping all the meat in place and distributing heat evenly, it serves many more purposes. The distinctive curves are also ideal for creating iconic sear marks for an elevated appetizing look. On top of that, they increase longevity by enabling heat expansion and contraction.

Built with cast iron and coated in porcelain enamel, these grids season up just like a traditional cast iron frying pan. The sear from cast iron is second to none, as heat is retained and transferred effortlessly. It’s worth noting that they can take some time to preheat, but good things are worth waiting for!




Folding Side Shelves

We think that everyone can agree with this one; you can never have too much cooking surface! This BBQ grill series features units that offer a little extra space for chopping meat, dicing vegetables, and mixing sauces. Fold them in a snap for extra storage.


Enclosed Cart Design

While summer is the ideal BBQ season, let’s be honest—whatever the weather, BBQ is always a good idea. The enclosed cart feature of Napoleon’s Freestyle series secures the propane tank and shields the cart from the harmful effects of the elements.


Porcelain-Enameled Sear Plates

Equality is everything and Napoleon took this on board completely with their staggered porcelain-enameled sear plates that give even heat distribution. Additionally, they protect the burners and are very easy to clean.


Instant Jetfire Ignition

Light up your grill’s main burners in no time with the instant JETFIRE system. This revolutionary system is both infallibly convenient and reliable every single time.


Carbon Design Temperature Gauge

You can count on the classic stainless steel bezel and carbon color to provide an easy-to-read temperature gauge. Enjoy searing and smoking with accurate precision.


Durable Cast Aluminum Fire Box

When it comes to metal appliances, rust is enemy number one. The good news is that you won’t have to struggle with the negative effects of wear and tear, because Napoleon Freestyle BBQ grills are engineered with superior rust resistance. Its durable cast aluminum fire box mirrors the barbecue’s heat to render a convective, oven-like environment for phenomenal results.


Integrated Tool Hooks

The integrated hooks are convenient space savers that are great for storing tools close at hand. At the same time, you can keep your workstation clean and tidy.


Convenient Bottle Opener

Have you ever noticed that the bottle opener always decides to go missing when you need it the most? Well, with the Freestyle series, you won’t need to fumble around your kitchen drawers for a bottle opener, because you’ll have one conveniently attached to your grill. Pop a bottle of your drink of choice while you cook those chicken wings!


Smoker Box Accessory (Optional)

While the stainless steel smoker box is an optional component, it is definitely recommended. This exclusive accessory has the power to transform your grill into a smoky meat-lovers dream! Now you can easily barbecue with your favorite wood chips, from maple to hickory, apple, or mesquite, all at your fingertips.


Available in Propane or Natural Gas

When you browse the Freestyle BBQ grill series, you can personalize it by choosing either a propane or natural gas unit. With Napoleon, you always have the option to have it your way!



10-Year Bumper to Bumper Parts Warranty

When you purchase a Freestyle series grill, you automatically get a 10-year Bumper to Bumper parts warranty.




Upgrade your BBQ Lifestyle with the Freestyle Grill Series

Take your BBQ experience to the next level with the Napoleon Freestyle grill series. Once you have this beginner-friendly, easy-to-use BBQ grill in your backyard, you’ll never ever want to settle for anything less. Find the Freestyle BBQ grill that suits your lifestyle today!