How to Cook Your Entire Thanksgiving Dinner on the BBQ

Did you know that you can prepare your entire Thanksgiving dinner on the grill? Enjoy the open sky and fresh Autumn air while cooking up healthy and filling recipes that will wow your guests. Prepare the soup, the turkey, and even dessert using your trusty Napoleon charcoal or gas grill. In this article, we’ll give you some useful tips as well as wonderful recipes to try.


Awesome Grilled Thanksgiving Recipes to Try


Roasted Turkey

This charcoal roasted turkey is sure to be the star of your Thanksgiving bbq dinner. Even if your charcoal grill does not have a place for the rotisserie rod, you’ll be able to cook up this mouthwatering dish. In this recipe, we bring out the best in the natural flavour of turkey with sage, thyme, orange zest, and butter. If you have a particularly large turkey, roasting it on the cooking grids is a great option whether you have a charcoal BBQ or gas grill. You can also add wood chips or chunks to increase the turkey’s flavor with a hint of smoke.

Looking to try this turkey recipe for your Thanksgiving celebration? Then head on over to our this page for the full instructions!

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Smoked Turkey Thighs

One of the advantages of serving turkey thighs for thanksgiving is that they are easy to portion and there is no carving required. Another little-known fact is that this part of the turkey is known to be packed with natural flavour due to its proximity to the bone. In this recipe, we add to the savoury goodness of the turkey thigh meat using spices like rosemary, sage, and thyme. We then use applewood chips in smoking the turkey to add that distinctly sweet yet smoky aroma.

Ready to give this turkey thighs recipe a try? Then check out this page for the full instructions!



Smoked French Onion Soup

The flavour of this hearty soup comes from the marrow of beef bones that are smoked and roasted. These bones are then used to make a delicious broth. By adding caramelized onions to the equation, you get a smokey, savoury soup with a hint of sweetness.

Want to serve up this delicious onion soup for your Thanksgiving dinner? Then check out the full recipe here!

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Vegan Stuffed Acorn Squash Recipe

Got any vegan friends coming over? Impress them (and all the other guests) with just how yummy a vegan Thanksgiving dish can be. In this recipe, we pair the fragrant, yummy goodness of roasted acorn squash with quinoa and various other aromatic vegetables. It adds colour to your table and gives everyone something new and wonderful to try.

Ready to serve vegan stuffed acorn squash for your Thanksgiving feast? Then check out this page for the full recipe!

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Beef & Stout Pies with Caramelized Onions & Mushroom Recipe

Nothing warms the belly quite like a beef and stout pie. Crunchy on the outside, savoury and saucy on the inside - this timeless dish will definitely be a welcome addition to your Thanksgiving bbq dinner. In this recipe, we highlight the natural flavour of beef with stout beer, beef stock, mushrooms, and various spices - and then we wrap it all up in individual little pies, ready to be enjoyed.

Is your heart set on this delicious beef and stout pie recipe? Then head on over to this page to view the steps on how to prepare it!

Serve 2 - Beef & Stout Pies With Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms


Plank Smoked Mashed Potatoes Recipe

As you’ve read through this list, you might have been wondering when the mashed potatoes will get a shout out. Well, here they are - smokier and more scrumptious than ever before. In this recipe, we make use of ingredients like grill-roasted garlic, green onions, dried dill, and butter to add to the potato’s lovely flavour. Then we enrich this flavour bomb by smoking scoops of mashed potato on the plank. If you haven’t tried this dish before, it may well be your new favourite way to serve mashed potatoes.

Ready to serve plank smoked mashed potatoes for your Thanksgiving bbq dinner? Then check out this page for the full recipe!

grilled potatos


Grill Baked Corn Muffins

Much like the turkey, corn muffins are a staple in every Thanksgiving dinner. Unknown to most, you can cook perfect pastries on the grill with the right recipe and instructions. Cornmeal, eggs, milk, butter, and sugar are all standard ingredients in this corn muffin recipe. To add more flavour and achieve a better texture, we’ll add in some greek yogurt and honey. The end result is delicious morsels that everyone can’t get enough of.

Looking to try this grilled baked corn muffins recipe? Then head on over to our recipe page for the full instructions!

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Plank Baked Apple Crisp Recipe

Honeycrisp apples are known for being exceptionally sweet and aromatic. In this recipe, we complement this beautiful natural apple flavour using a mixture of oatmeal, nutmeg, cinnamon, sugar, and butter. Once grilled and topped with ice cream, everything comes together in a dessert version of an autumn symphony.

Ready to try this lovely dessert for your Thanksgiving dinner? Then check out this page for the full recipe!

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Do you have your own recipe for Thanksgiving? Or have you found a new favourite from our list? We’d love to hear all about your Thanksgiving experience. Follow Napoleon on our Instagram or Facebook and share your Thanksgiving recipes and stories in our community!

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