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Top Five Things To Do When You Get A New Napoleon

So you bought a new grill. It’s assembled and you have gathered all of the ingredients for the perfect barbecued meal. The steaks are standing by, and so is your family. But wait! Before you light that grill for the first time you need to make sure that you do these Top Five Things When You Get a New Napoleon. Patience is a virtue, and completing these tasks will ensure the best grilling experience possible, as well as longevity for your beautiful grill.


Before You ‘Que

These top five things – besides reading the manual - should be done on your grill before you ever season a steak. Doing these things ensures your warranty and can add years to the life of your grill and form good grill maintenance habits.


1. Electrodes

Whether you assembled the grill or the dealer you bought it from did, always make sure that the electrodes are seated securely in their connectors. You will find electrodes on your grill under the control panel for the most part, but you may also see them inside the grill cabinet. Double check under the control panel and remember to make sure that the power cord to the grill is plugged in too – if it has one.

Ensure the wires are securely in the connectors


2. Burners

Make sure that all burners are seated properly in the valve. A bump in the road or a rough delivery can dislodge this important part of your grill. A quick look under the sear plates to make sure that the burners are in their housing correctly will make sure you’re ready to grill a lot faster.


3. Perform a Leak Test

This task should be done twice a year no matter if your grill is older or used, and especially the first time you use your brand new grill. Brush each connection where you will have gas flowing with a 50/50 mixture of water and dish soap. This includes at the propane tank, or natural gas connection, the flex connection tube, burner connections, and side burner connection. If you see bubbles form, make sure that those connections aren’t cross-threaded and then tighten them.

If correct the valve will look like this


4. Season Those Grids

I know it’s tempting to “do it next time” because, let’s face it, you worked hard to get your grill set up and you want those steaks NOW! However, seasoning your grids is a very important part of your grill maintenance and will make those steaks come out even better. Rub your grids, on both sides, with a high-temperature fat, like vegetable shortening, lard, or palm oil. Heat your grill to a high temperature – 400°F to 500°F – and let the grids bake for 15 to 30 minutes. The fats will bond to the cast iron or stainless steel cooking grids. With repetition of this exercise every 4 to 6 grilling sessions, you will create a nonstick surface. We have more information about


5. Gas Master

Become a gas master. Remember some patience when starting the grill for the first time. The air in the lines needs to be purged by the propane or natural gas before you can light the grill. Make sure that your propane tank is open, or that the natural gas supply is on. Slowly turn the control knob on the grill that is closest to the gas source, allowing the gas to flow for a few seconds before attempting to ignite. It may take a couple of tries, but once you have the first burner lit, and the rest will light easily so that you can season those grids for the first time before you grill.


The Steak-away

Trust us, your patience will pay off! Once you have completed these top five things to do when you get a new Napoleon, your grill is primed and ready for any meal that you can think of to grill. Your imagination and creativity can shine through and you will become the king of the backyard barbecue in no time. For more nifty maintenance tips, check out our Maintenance section. We’ve always got interesting things going on; keep up to date by visiting our Facebook and Instagram pages. And now that you’re grill is primed and ready to go, you may want to have a look at our Recipe Blog for some yummy inspiration.

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