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Have charcoal hot and ready to use in minutes, this Charcoal Starter uses a chimney effect that concentrates the heat from your starting fuel to light the charcoal. This Charcoal Starter is constructed from aluminized steel and fitted with a cool-touch handle (although, grill gloves are recommended when hot). This Charcoal Starter holds enough charcoal to fill most charcoal barbecue grills. To use, fill the underside of the Charcoal Starter with loosely crumpled newspaper, empty paper or cardboard egg carton, or paper towel. Turn the Charcoal Starter over and fill the main chamber with as much charcoal as needed for your cook - a few large chunks of hardwood lump charcoal for smoking, up to a full load for some high-heat searing. Once filled, light the paper on fire through the bottom vents of the starter. Allow the paper to burn off, which then ignites the bottom coals. The heat from the bottom coals rises igniting the rest. Using heat-resistant gloves, lift the Charcoal Starter by the handle and pour the lit charcoal into your barbecue grill.

Key Features

Aluminized Steel Construction Ensures Longevity
Fast Charcoal Starter
Use with any Charcoal Grill
Ignites Charcoal Safely

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