10 Amazing Grill Recipes for Your Next Tailgate

Getting ready for the big game or the concert of your dreams? A tailgate party is practically tradition before sizable sporting events or music festivals and without it, the experience just wouldn’t be complete. So, in the spirit of building your energy for the cheering and excitement that lies ahead, we have collected the most amazing grill recipes for your next tailgate party.


The Best Pimento Cheeseburger

Recipe Blog - Pimento Cheese Burger - serve1

Let’s kick this list off with the king of all tailgate party recipes: BURGERS. But not just any burgers, because these pimento cheeseburgers wear a crown of tastiness like no other. Whether you’re having a tailgate party for a football game, tennis match, concert, or music festival, a cheeseburger will always be a good idea.

The pimento cheeseburgers will rank high up on your cheeseburger-meter thanks to the palate-pleasing mix of cheeses, creamy mayo, and roasted pimento peppers that provide the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. All sandwiched between your favorite toasted bread, this cheeseburger is nothing short of superior.

View the recipe to create the best pimento cheeseburger!


Tailgate Mug of Chili

RecipeBlog - Tailgate Chili - serve1

Chili is food for the soul, and this tailgate mug of chili will set your soul ablaze! As a fun and easy recipe for the whole family to enjoy, this supreme and convenient meal in a mug is ideal for tailgating in the cold. What we love most about this dish is that it gives tailgaters the option to dig in with a big spoon or skip the utensils and pair it with tortilla chips!

The tailgate mug of chili can easily be doubled and frozen, so you can prep it ahead of time.


Napoleon's Crunch Wrap Extreme

Recipe Blog - Crunch Wrap Extreme - serve2

Mexican food has a way of turning up the heat at your tailgate party. Brimming with delicious spices, this is Napoleon’s barbecued twist on a fast food favorite. As the ultimate combination of meaty, cheesy, crunchy, sweet, and savory, this wrap is everything you want in a tailgate party dish. One bite and you will taste victory!

The best part is that it only takes 20 minutes to make and the results are always a sure-fire chef’s kiss success! Try Napoleon’s Crunch Wrap Extreme recipe.


Cajun-Style Wings with Beer Sauce

Recipe Blog - Cajun Wings - serve1

The only thing better than wings with beer is cajun-style wings with beer sauce. Your tailgate party recipes will have hit a new milestone with this culinary masterpiece.

Unlock the next level of game night by learning the art of smoking chicken wings on a gas barbecue grill. The flavor is completed with an ale-sauce that truly brings out the spirit of tailgate soirées.

While this may be an appetizer, they are bound to be a crowd pleaser, so we recommend cooking up a large batch for you and your tailgate party buds.

This awesome recipe is waiting for you!


Fully Loaded Game Day Nacho Fries

Recipe Blog - Fully Loaded Nacho Fries - serve

The food gods truly blessed us when they invented cheese, fries, and the BBQ, and that’s why you shouldn’t have a tailgate party without these Game Day nacho fries. This fully-loaded tailgate party recipe is topped with all the good stuff. And that includes hot peppers, fresh tomatoes, olives, and all the cheeses you could possibly dream of.

You’ll also love how customizable this recipe is—want to throw in bell peppers, red onions, and sriracha sauce? Have at it! Anything goes.

Get your game face on, because the fully loaded Game Day nacho fries came to play!


Pull-Apart Garlic Bread

Recipe Blog - Pull Apart Bread - serve1

Believe us when say that this vegetarian-friendly pull-apart garlic bread is a fan favorite—no matter what side you’re on. There are no rules and that means that you can incorporate as much garlic as you want—so go ahead and measure with your heart!

As a big time-saver, the pull-apart garlic bread can even be made in advance and heated later.


Simple Grilled Vegetables

Recipe Blog - Easy BBQ Veg - serve2

You know what the wise men say: there is beauty to be found in simplicity, and the same rings true for tailgate party recipes. Integrate an element of healthy simplicity into your parking lot menu with these simple grilled vegetables. They’re easy to prepare and give you the ultimate freedom to choose your veggies, flavors, and grilling techniques. On top of that, they’re ideal for balancing out the pork, beef, and chicken-based dishes that you will be serving at your party.

Grill perfectly nutritious and tasty veggies.


Chicago-Style Hotdogs

Recipe Blog - Chicago Style Hot Dogs - serve2

The dog days may be over, but hotdog days are forever. Loaded with all-beef franks, pickles, onions, relish, sport peppers, mustard, and a pinch of celery salt, these traditional Chicago-style hotdogs will ensure that everyone has a happy tummy at your tailgate party.

You don’t need to go to Chicago to indulge in the best hotdogs, because you can make it yourself!


Cheesy Game Day Taco Dip


Ever heard of the saying “go big or go home?” Well, the same rules apply to dip. This Game Day taco dip is the cheesiest, most satisfying dip you will ever pair with your tortilla chips! To bring this flavor fiesta to life, all you have to do is bake until it’s bubbling hot, fill it with ground beef, and top it with cilantro and jalapenos.

We highly recommend that you prepare a humongous bowl of nacho chips to go with this tailgating party because the cheese game is strong with this recipe.


Korean Style Steak Sandwich with Garlic Mayo

Recipe Blog - Korean Steak Sandwiches - Serve1

What do you get when you combine delicious Korean-style steak with all the elements of the perfect sandwich? You get this Korean-style steak sandwich with garlic mayo!

This award-worthy sandwich shines with the power of succulent marinated steak that is sliced and layered beautifully between toasted bread. Topped with cheese, grilled peppers, and garlic mayonnaise, this dish may just be the star of your tailgate party. We know that you can already smell the aroma of this recipe!


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