10 Must Have Game-Day Food Dishes

It’s that time of year again! Imagine this: you’re huddled around the TV with family and friends, Super Bowl LV is about to start, you’ve got the grill heating up, the drinks have been poured, and spirits are high. Now, the only thing that’s missing is the ultimate game day food spread made straight from your grill.

These 10 masterfully-curated recipes for grilled game-day food will impress your friends and family and keep everyone energized throughout the day. If you’re working with a grill like those in Napoleon’s Prestige® Series and Prestige PRO Series, these dishes will be cooked quicker than you can say touchdown!


1. Game Day Nacho Fries - Fully Loaded

Recipe Blog - Fully Loaded Nacho Fries - serve

Nothing kickstarts game day quite like the combination of nachos and fries! In this easy recipe, we created a familiar (but extra savory) blend of flavors from tomatoes, avocados, onion, garlic, jalapeno, and lots of shredded cheese. Substitute fries for nacho chips and you have the ultimate (easy to make) game-day food recipe.

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2. Plank Roasted Nachos

Recipe Blog - Planked Nachos - serve1

Nachos are considered classic game-day food. So, what if we told you that you can upgrade your basic nachos to gourmet status – without any extra effort? These plank roasted nachos are fully loaded with steak, onions, peppers, jalapenos, and of course, as much cheese as you can handle. For that extra punch, we infuse the nachos with a touch of smokiness so your guests can literally taste the natural flavors from your grill.

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3. Cheesy Game Day Taco Dip


Game-day wouldn’t be the same without a flavorful and versatile dip that complements all the other game-day food dishes you’ve cooked up. This easy taco-inspired dip combines the savory goodness of beef, the traditional “Mexican” taco seasoning flavors, and various kinds of cheese – yum! This taco dip wouldn’t be complete without sour cream and salsa – and before you know it, you’ve got a game-day dip that everyone will be raving about for years to come.

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4. Meat Lover's and Vegetarian BBQ Pizza

RecipeBlog - Pizza - Slice & Serve

Why order delivery when you can recreate everyone’s favorite game-day food on your grill? In this recipe, we will show you how to make a filling meat lover’s pizza or a refreshingly-light vegetarian pizza. You can even try making both or experiment with additional toppings. This versatile and easy pizza recipe will guide you through the fundamentals of preparing any kind of pizza on a grill.

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5. Barbecue Baked Deep Dish Pizza

Recipe Blog - Authentic Chicago Deep Dish - serve1

This barbecue baked deep-dish pizza is a mouthful to say and to eat! It’s meaty, thick, gooey, and altogether delicious. This Chicago-style game-day food recipe boasts signature thick slices of pizza with an ultra-buttery crust strong enough to support the extra helping of toppings you decide to include. Homemade pizza is always a crowd-pleaser and will surely wow your family and friends!

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6. Barbecued Lasagna Stuffed Peppers

Recipe Blog - Lasagna Stuffed Peppers - serve

Everyone loves lasagna, though it isn’t typically considered a traditional game-day food dish. The reason is that lasagna can be difficult to eat while fixating on the developments of the game. However, this recipe conveniently combines lasagna with a game-day favorite: stuffed sweet bell peppers! It’s the perfect Italian finger food. Furthermore, the sweetness of the pepper and the smokiness from the grill upgrades this well-loved dish to a whole new level.

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7. Grandad's Best Ribs


Ribs pack a lot of flavor in every bite and are incredibly versatile. In this savory yet super easy recipe, we’ll show you how you can create the perfect game-day ribs with just olive oil, steak spice, BBQ sauce, and brown sugar to create a finger-licking delicious snack.

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8. Grilled Chili Cheese Dogs

Chili Cheese Hotdogs - Serve3

Don’t settle for plain hotdogs this game-day when you can make gourmet grilled chili cheese dogs instead. These super sloppy, super tasty grilled beef hotdogs are enhanced by the smoky flavors from our Ghost Pepper Chili, shredded gouda, and garlic butter. You may never want to go back to plain hotdogs again.

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9. Classic Burger with Crispy BBQ Bacon


The adage “nothing beats a classic” rings true in this classic burger recipe with crispy bacon. If you’re looking to impress your friends and family with a little more than finger food this game-day, we've put together well-loved ingredients to complement these mouth-watering beef burgers. All you need is your grill, fresh ground beef, seasoning, bacon, onion, cheese, and your favorite buns.

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10. Stuffed Taco Burger

Recipe Blog - Stuffed Taco Burgers - Serve1

This recipe is a fusion of two crowd favorites: burgers and tacos. This super-stacked, filling burger features an orchestra of flavors from tangy pico de gallo, refreshing guacamole, savory cheddar, and crunchy corn tortilla chips. This is the kind of burger that everyone will see from afar and be instantly thrilled to get a taste. Make sure there’s enough for everyone!

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What's Your Favourite Grilled Game-Day Food Recipe?

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