8 Memorial Day Party Ideas for an Extra Memorable Holiday

Memorial Day is an American holiday that honors the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Held on the last Monday of May, families all over the country host tributes to the fallen soldiers by decorating the graves with flowers and saying a prayer. Commemorative parades, fireworks, and religious services are also traditionally observed on this day.

Memorial Day Party Ideas and Hosting Tips

It’s also quite common for friends and family to celebrate by gathering together to share a meal, some drinks, and show their respect and appreciation.

Make this year’s holiday extra memorable! Here are some Memorial Day party ideas and hosting tips to help you prepare for the long weekend.

Host an Event Outdoors

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of spring, which means it’s the perfect time to celebrate the holiday outside. The outdoor venue can be as simple as your backyard or your neighborhood park, depending on how large of a space you need. Either way, it’s one of the Memorial Day party ideas that will really set the vibe for the whole event.

If you’re leaning towards hosting at the park, Napoleon’s TravelQ will be your barbecue partner in keeping your guests' bellies full while they run around and enjoy the festivities.


Transform the Venue into a Star-Spangled One

Once you’ve secured your venue, the next step is to decorate it with some star-spangled spirit. Most Memorial Day decorations are associated with stars and the colors of the American flag. Below are some ways to incorporate them into your venue:

  • Streamers - Look for blue, red, or white party streamers. Bonus points if you find one in a star-shaped form!

  • Balloons - Amplify the party’s festivities by adding colored balloons! Don’t forget to add letter balloons to spell out "Memorial Day."

  • Evening lights - Instead of using small lights, go for star-shaped LED bulbs!

  • Table runners - Include your tables in the theme by placing a red-white-blue table runner at the center.

Start a Fundraiser

Let’s not forget what Memorial Day is all about, to remember and honor the fallen. It’s also the perfect time to give back and support their families by holding a fundraiser. Catch the attention of the crowds by hosting the following events:

  • Scavenger hunt - Add some adventure to the day by hosting a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood.

  • Neighborhood movie night - Is your backyard big enough to accommodate audiences as you project some of the best patriotic movies of all time onto a big screen? You'll be able to attract all the movie fanatics in the neighborhood if you include some yummy snacks and charge a small entrance fee.

  • Auctions - Reach out to local businesses in your area to see if they’d be willing to donate their products or services for an auction. You'd be surprised at how much you can raise from this type of event!

After the fundraiser, donate all proceeds to the families of the veterans and the fallen.

Fire up the BBQ

There’s no denying that BBQ dishes taste better when eaten outdoors. You also can’t deny that hosting a BBQ event with your nearest and dearest is perfect for celebrating Memorial Day!

Prepare a diverse menu with dishes ranging from pork and beef to chicken and fish. Experiment with various ingredients, so you can produce flavors that’ll blow the minds of your guests. But if you want to play it safe, nothing beats a simple steak cooked on a charcoal grill.

Prepare Themed Sweets for your Guests

Complete your Memorial Day menu by adding a couple of desserts to the mix. Below is a list of recommendations your guests will absolutely love:

  • Patriotic Cheesecake Tart - Cut your strawberries and blueberries to recreate the American flag and place them on sweet cream cheese. This treat is both symbolic and delicious.

  • American Pie - Memorial Day isn’t complete without the classic American pie. Surprise your guests with a rustic peach pie they won’t forget!


Light up a Fantastic Firework Display

If you’re hosting at a local park, give your guests even more to look forward to by promising a beautiful fireworks display to cap off the celebration. This is one of the Memorial Day party ideas that will surely leave an impression.

When hosting a fireworks show, make sure to hire professionals to help you with the execution. Their knowledge is key to delivering a safe pyrotechnic display within the grounds of your venue. Simultaneously, remind your guests to keep out of the firework grounds for their safety! Before you do anything, make sure to read up on each state's laws on fireworks.

If you’d rather watch others light up the night and leave it to the professionals, read on for our next tip.

End the Night by Sharing Stories Around the Fireplace

Rounding up our list of Memorial Day party ideas is the element of warmth.

After the fireworks show (or during, if you’re within viewing distance of a neighborhood display), invite your guests to settle down around your outdoor fireplace. This is the time for them to share stories about loved ones and reminisce on past Memorial Day celebrations. Now that the sun has set, make sure you have enough blankets for each of your guests as they huddle around the flames.

The perfect centerpiece for a backyard event like this include Napoleon’s fireplaces from the Galaxy and Riverside series. These fully customizable gas hearths can quickly turn Memorial Day into a heartwarming event.

Warm Hearts this Memorial Day with Napoleon

With the best grills and fireplaces from Napoleon, turning these Memorial Day party ideas into a reality will be a breeze.

Whether it’s feeding your souls, or keeping them warm, Napoleon is proud to serve families across the country during all of life’s most precious moments.

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