BBQ Accessories to Make You Game-Day Ready

Whether you are going to a tailgate party or hosting a party for the big game at home, preparation is the key to enjoying this special day to the fullest. After you’ve chosen the best game day recipes, bought the necessary ingredients and decor, and made plans with friends or family, there’s only one thing missing: the right BBQ accessories.

Well-designed BBQ accessories and BBQ tools set will help you to grill with added efficiency—as well as helping to make more creative recipes—so that you can enjoy the football game to the fullest.


Grilling Apron

One of the key things you need for hosting a successful game day party is confidence. And that’s why we’re kicking off this list with a highly essential (and stylish) protective wear: the Napoleon Grilling Apron.

We have two kinds to recommend for your game day party — both aprons come in black, are Napoleon branded, and have spacious pockets where you can keep your essentials.

  • Our Black Grilling Apron is made of lint-free cotton for added comfort and protection. It also has an all-black design that suits just about anything you wear.

  • Meanwhile, our other Grilling Apron is made of durable black and grey canvas for more heavy-duty use. It also has an attached bottle opener that fits perfectly in your pocket. Be stylish and ready for anything with this sleek-looking, two-tone grilling apron.


Grill Towel

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the most impact. With this all-black, lint-free, 100% cotton Grill Towel, you will feel like a total pro while barbecuing on game day. Simply clip this towel to your belt or to the grill to it within reach. Because it’s made of 100% cotton, it is highly absorbent and can be used either as a face towel or for quickly cleaning up spills.


Touchscreen BBQ Gloves

Next on our list of must-have Napoleon BBQ accessories for game day is our innovative Touchscreen BBQ Gloves. As we all know, game day can get pretty busy. Maybe you need to check updates on your phone, check a timer, respond to messages, refer to a recipe on your tablet, and so on - all while grilling.

With these touchscreen BBQ gloves, your hands can be protected while also being able to seamlessly operate mobile devices. No need to remove your grilling gloves to switch between tasks, saving you time and effort.

These gloves are made of genuine leather and flexible fabric to give you both exemplary protection and dexterity. They also have silicone on the palm areas to give you a better grip. These gloves really are one of the best BBQ tools you never knew you needed.

Note: The Touchscreen BBQ Gloves are not heatproof. We do not advise you to use them as oven mitts or grilling gloves. They will only provide protection from indirect contact with heat such as when you are basting or flipping over lit burners. Do not use them to pick up hot items.



ACCU-PROBE™ Bluetooth® Thermometer

Grilling just reached a whole new level of ease. The ACCU-PROBE™ Bluetooth® Thermometer will show you the true meaning of “set and forget” grilling. Unlike traditional thermometers, the ACCU-PROBE™ Bluetooth® Thermometer functions with a downloadable grilling app. The device then alerts your phone when grilled food has reached the perfect temperature.

Another feature that makes this one of the best Napoleon BBQ accessories is that it can help you monitor up to four separate pieces of food. The thermometer comes with two probes and can accommodate an additional two. Each probe is marked so that you know which food item to turn over or remove from the grill. This is exactly the BBQ tool you need to ensure you do not miss out on anything during your game day party.


Pizza Lover's Starter Kit

Perfect homemade pizza is easy to make using your barbecue or the oven with the added bonus of even better results whether you are making the pizza from scratch or cooking one from the freezer.

With the Pizza Lover’s Starter Kit, you can make delicious pizza using your grill in no time at all. This BBQ tools set comes with everything you need:

  • 12.5 inch porous pizza stone

  • pizza wheel

  • cheese grater

  • stainless steel pizza wheel

If grilling pizza is something you want to try for your upcoming game day, here is a guide on How to Make Homemade Pizza on the BBQ.



Cast Iron Cookware

Next on our list of must-have BBQ tools for game day is cast iron cookware. You can use these to centralize all your cooking from the grill. Having cast iron pans allows you to use your grill for both frying and grilling. As a bonus, cast iron cookware can also be used in your oven.

Here are some versatile cast iron cookware that you can check out:


Squeeze Bottles

Keep your condiments, sauces, and oils perfectly organized with our durable squeeze bottles. These BBQ accessories minimize incidents of spills while also allowing you to effectively control the amount of sauce and oil you use.

Our squeeze bottles come in 16oz and 24oz capacities and are made of BPA-free materials.


Auto Locking Tongs

Having a good set of tongs is vital to good grilling. So if you plan to do a lot of barbecuing for game day, then it’s the perfect time to get yourself these Auto Locking Tongs. The rubberized handles of these tongs stay cool. The tongs are also quite dexterous and have an auto-locking function that lets you say goodbye to the clumsiness of traditional tongs.


BBQ Tool Set

Last but definitely not least, we have a number of BBQs toolsets that will provide you with everything you need for grilling on gameday. Choose from these amazing sets:



BBQ Accessories for Every Occasion

That wraps up our list of BBQ tools set and BBQ accessories that are perfect for your next game day. Napoleon BBQ accessories are made with the highest quality and are designed to make grilling even more fun and hassle-free. With all the excitement going on during the big game, you definitely don’t want to miss a thing - and the above tools will help you grill to perfection, in the easiest way possible. Explore more amazing BBQ tools.

Happy Grilling!