Best BBQ Gifts for Dad | Accessories Edition

Whether it’s for your dad’s birthday, a special occasion like Father’s Day or Christmas, or maybe just a random gift to show you care, there are plenty of barbecue accessories that you can get for the paternal figure in your life who loves to grill. With the variety of choices, finding BBQ gifts for dad can quickly become overwhelming. So we’ve decided to make it easier. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll showcase our top barbecue accessories that never fail to be exciting birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Father’s Day gifts, or just because. So let’s get started on zeroing in on the perfect gift for a grill master.

What you Need to Know Before you Buy

Bring out your detective hat and magnifying glass because it’s time to be a super sleuth. Of course, you would know your ol’ man the best and can probably think of probing questions to get some vital grill info. To help you even more, here’s a checklist of useful information.

The Type of BBQ Your Dad Uses

Before you start looking for BBQ gifts for dad, it’s important to know what type he uses. Some accessories out there are compatible with certain grill models or grills that belong to a specific series. This is usually true for any kind of accessory that attaches to the grill. But even for accessories that do not attach to the appliance itself and instead just rest on top of it, you’d still need to know at least the dimensions of the grill that your dad uses.


The Accessories That Your Dad Already Has

Though it’s really the thought that counts when it comes to buying gifts and your dad will probably appreciate whatever you get him, knowing you’ve gotten grilling gifts that the person already has can be a bummer.

So, make sure to know what grilling tools your dad already has—or ever had. If they have a barbecue accessory that they’ve loved and lost, it can be a really thoughtful gesture to buy them a newer (and maybe even upgraded) version of that lost or broken barbecue accessory.

The Kind of Food Your Dad Loves or Would Like to Try

The first thought that people have when they hear about grilling is burgers, chicken wings, steaks, and maybe vegetables. This may seem like a limited variety, but within that scope, there are hundreds of recipes to elevate your grilling game.

You can also cook pancakes, pizza, salads, and even pie on a grill that are truly unparalleled because of their unique smoky flavor. All one really needs to embark on this grilling recipe adventure is the right inspiration and the right accessories. Napoleon has a wide variety of handcrafted, tried-and-tested recipes at your fingertips.

What Problems with Grilling Your Dad Has

Knowing what your dad struggles with while grilling can help. As we all may have experienced once or twice before, there is something incredibly thoughtful about a gift that solves a problem that we have.

So though your dad loves to grill, he may be encountering problems—maybe the wire brush is giving him a hard time as he needs to pick up all the bristles that fall off, or maybe the kitchen gloves can't handle the high temperatures. Information like this can help you find the perfect gift.

Grill Master Wishlist: BBQ Gifts for Dad

Tools and Toolsets

This is a diverse category to explore, and the good news is, you won’t need to know the grill model that your dad uses or what series it belongs to.

These types of grill accessories do not need to attach to the grill and may sometimes be part of the pre-grilling cooking preparations or the post-grilling serving aspect. Some of these accessories are highly versatile and can serve various uses in the kitchen too. Here are our top picks!

PRO Knife Set

Napoleon’s Professional Knife Set comes with a 13.5-inch sharpened carving blade, a 12.75-inch carving fork, and four 9.5-inch serrated steak knives. Each of these grilling tools is made entirely out of stainless steel.


Breakfast Toolset

If the cool father figure in your life is a total morning person, then you can count on it that this Breakfast Toolset will be one of the grilling gifts he’ll cherish forever. In the package, you’ll find a spatula, chopper/scraper, and four egg rings made of stainless steel.

Bristle-Free Wide Grill Brush

If there’s one grilling technique that everyone should brush up on, it’s how to effectively clean your appliance so it stays in pristine shape. This sturdy grill brush features coiled stainless steel wire that won’t shed like bristle-headed barbecue grill brushes usually do.

Carving Knife

Every grill dad needs a carving knife that offers superior precision. This eight-inch razor-sharp knife is made from German Stainless Steel that requires less frequent sharpening and has a contoured handle for a comfy grip and excellent balance.

PRO Cutting Board

This large bamboo cutting board is naturally anti-microbial and even features sliding stainless steel bowls on the side that effectively catch juices and hold prepped food. Now that’s some neat food prep you can look forward to.


Cooking and Baking Accessories

Most of these BBQ gifts for dad go on the grill and don’t need to be attached to it, making them suitable for a wide array of grill types. Basically, as long as there is a grill that is big enough to fit them, these are good to go. With that said, knowing the dimensions of your dad’s grill will still help.

These kinds of barbecue accessories allow a griller to maximize the use of their grills by being able to cook more types of dishes. A few examples include:

Pizza Stone

Cooking pizza becomes so much more fun when you have this Pro Pizza Stone that even comes with a cutting wheel. The porous stone retains and distributes heat evenly to wick away moisture for a light and crispy exterior. Your dad will have restaurant-quality pizza right at his fingertips.


10-inch Pizza/Baking Stone Set

Now, if your dad just wants to make snack-sized pizza that he can have all to himself, then this 10-inch pizza stone would make the perfect gift! Also great for personal-sized nacho platters.

Grill Roasting Pan

With this BBQ accessory, searing, roasting, baking, and sheet pan dinners become easier than ever. It fits barbecue grills with cooking grid spaces of 28.6 inches (72.6 cm) deep and is specifically built to fit Rogue, Prestige, and Prestige PRO models.

3-in-1 Roasting Rack

Next on our list of BBQ gifts for dad, we have the 3-in-1 Roasting Rack that can easily handle a big cut of beef, whole chicken, pork, or even turkey roast, keeping them off the bottom of the pan for increased airflow and to catch drippings.

Cast Iron Sizzle Platter

Does your dad love making fajitas? Then he needs this Cast Iron Sizzle Platter that is so sturdy it will last for generations. Plus, it even has a removable handle that stays cool and safe to touch!

Flexible Grill Basket

When it comes to grilling baskets, this one by Napoleon truly stands out. With its flexible panels, it gently and securely cradles the food while preventing the contents from falling through the grids or rolling away. You can even use it for barbecued vegetables, sandwiches, and desserts.

Grilling Wok

Now this is truly a wok to remember if you’re looking for BBQ gifts for dad. It’s ideal for corralling smaller foods that tend to move around a lot, like meatballs, asparagus, mushrooms, and so much more. Plus, this barbecue grill accessory effectively prevents food from falling through the cooking grids.

Stainless Steel Smoker Box

With this accessory, it’ll be easier than ever to add flavorful smoke to barbecued dishes.

Apple Wood Chips

Of course, every smoker box needs high-quality wood chips! Apple wood chips add a mild and sweet-smoke flavor to food. They're also naturally sourced in the U.S.

Hickory Wood Chips

Now if bold, southern-style barbecue is more of what your dad likes, then go for these Hickory Wood Chips!

Rotisserie-Shish Kebab Skewer Set

Who could possibly say no to kebabs? This set contains six chrome-plated skewers and two rotisserie plates to hold the skewers in place. It fits most rotisserie spit rods and enables you to create custom kebabs and skewers to suit everyone's appetites.

Expandable Rib Holder

Whether you’re grilling one or six racks of ribs, this stainless steel accessory can expand to take up as much or as little space on your barbecue as needed. It’s designed to fit all models of cart-style barbecues and kettle grills.

PRO Chicken Infusion Roaster

Making roast chicken is now easy peasy thanks to the PRO Chicken Infusion Roaster. As a 3-in-1 set, it includes a wok, boiling plate, and infusion cone.

Grill Light with Batteries

Another one of the BBQ gifts for dad that quite literally shines bright is this Napoleon LED Grill Light that attaches to appliances as a clamp. It’s capable of illuminating grill areas of up to 18 inches (45.7 cm) by 36 inches (91.4 cm).

Grill Apparel

One of the best ways to make your grill master feel more legit—while also making sure they’re safe during grilling sessions—is to get them the right grilling apparel. These BBQ gifts for dad may even remind someone who hasn’t grilled in a while just how great it is to cook outside. Take a look at these products that make the perfect Father’s Day gift:

Genuine Leather BBQ Gloves

These genuine cowhide leather barbecue gloves in a sleek gray color will protect the forearms from grinding debris, welding sparks, hot coals, open flames, hot kitchenware, and steam. They provide ultimate heat protection while offering superior comfort.


Heat Resistant BBQ Glove

Made of Aramid fiber, these BBQ gloves in black provide reliable heat protection from hot objects up to 475°F. They also come with a soft cotton liner for maximum comfort and gray silicone grips line for a sturdy grasp.

Black Cotton Grilling Apron

With this BBQ accessory, your dad can grill in true pitmaster style. It’s black, stylish, made of 100% super soft cotton, and even has extra-deep pockets to hold towels or tools.

Grill Mats

Grill mats can be placed under the grill to protect your deck from oil and grease. We all know how difficult it is to clean these substances from any type of flooring. Grill mats, in comparison, are a lot easier to clean.

The surfaces of good grill mats should be non-slip to help keep the grill in place and flame resistant. And if your dad uses a charcoal grill, this latter characteristic offers an added benefit of protecting the surrounding area from sparks and coals that may accidentally be dropped.

Grill Mat For Large Grills

This mat measures 90 by 35 inches (228.6 cm by 88.9 cm) and comes in a nonslip, gray, diamond plate pattern that adds a stylish flair to any BBQ space.


Grill Mat for Smaller Grills

If dad’s grill space is more compact, then add this one to your cart instead! It fits perfectly under the Prestige / PRO 500 Series and smaller grills.

PRO Heat Resistant Side Shelf Mat

Side shelves need just as much care! This heat-resistant silicone protective mat features Napoleon's iconic WAVE™ pattern design and fits most side shelves to protect it from damage inflicted by grilling tools, plates, and more.

Barbecue Experts: From Accessories to Grills

There you have it—the ultimate list of BBQ gifts for dad! While you’re shopping for accessories, why not consider upgrading his entire grill?

Napoleon is the trusted manufacturer of BBQs across North America. We do it all, from compact portable grills to built-in grills, our exact standards and high-quality craftsmanship are truly unmatched.

Give your dad the BBQ gift of his dreams, he deserves it!

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