Classy Backyard BBQ Wedding Ideas You'll Fall in Love With

Planning a memorable wedding reception doesn’t need to be complicated. Sometimes, everything you’re dreaming of can come to life in your own backyard—and these classy backyard BBQ wedding ideas will surely have you convinced.

From being a more convenient and budget-friendly option, to opening up a ton of opportunities for fun and unique activities, here’s why you’ll say “yes” to holding a reception in your backyard.

The Benefits of Backyard BBQ Wedding Receptions

Intimate and Personal

Backyard weddings provide a more intimate setting compared to traditional wedding venues. They allow the couple to exchange vows and celebrate their day in a familiar and personal space. The backyard setting can create a warm and cozy atmosphere that promotes a sense of closeness among the couples, their families, and friends.


There’s no denying that renting a venue can be quite pricey. If you happen to have a spacious backyard, there isn’t any reason you shouldn’t be taking advantage of its casual and relaxed vibe. Your budget will surely appreciate it and you can use the funds for other important things—like your honeymoon!


Additionally, when you hold a backyard BBQ wedding, the party can keep going until whenever you want. Extend the wedding into the weekend by inviting select guests to camp in the backyard and host brunch the next day. This extra time together allows for more meaningful connections and creates a lasting bond among the guests.

Flexibility and Customization

You want every element of your wedding reception to be absolutely perfect. To make this happen, it’ll require some trips to the venue so you can monitor if everything is as it should be. But with a backyard BBQ wedding, you’ll only have to venture to your to backyard to see how it’s all going. This flexibility enables couples to create a wedding that truly reflects their personalities and preferences.

BBQ Wedding Ideas

BBQ-Themed Wedding Favors

Keep the backyard BBQ wedding theme going by gifting personalized BBQ aprons and gloves as wedding favors. Now your guests will be able to safely bring out their inner master griller—and be reminded of your lovely wedding every time they do so.

String Lights for Decor

Your backyard wedding wouldn’t be complete without string lights that create a magical ambiance. Not only do they create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, but they easily make any venue look like it came straight out of a fairytale.


Organize Celebratory Activities

Your guests will be delighted to get involved with the celebrations, and what better way than with eco-friendly wish lanterns and sparklers?

Recently, wish lanterns have become a popular way for newlyweds to symbolize the release of any worries or problems on their wedding day. Instead of lighting lanterns off into the sky, consider a more eco-friendly option, like lighting small candles in paper bags filled with sand or mason jars. This way, they have minimal impact on the environment and still hold symbolic value. Get the entire wedding party involved for an experience everyone will remember.

Sparklers are also a fantastic way to add a touch of magic to a reception and are safer than fireworks. It’s also a great way to get kids involved in your special day!

Incorporate a Live BBQ Station

Barbecued food is a work of art—there’s no disputing that. We’re pretty sure your guests would love to see a professional chef grilling their food to perfection. That’s where having a live BBQ station comes into the narrative. It’s exciting and classy.

Don’t Forget to Hire a Live Band or a DJ

Another one of the BBQ wedding ideas you can’t forget is hiring a live band or a DJ to supply the music to your reception. Every fairytale needs a soundtrack!

Wedding BBQ Menu Ideas

Now it’s time to dive into the wedding BBQ menu ideas that are just *chef’s kiss* magnificent for a backyard reception. From the appetizers to the main course and dessert, check out these recipes for wedding food ideas that can all be made using your Napoleon grill!


recipeBlog - Smoked French Onion Soup - serve2

Smoked French Onion Soup

Smoked French Onion Soup is a traditional and hearty soup made with beef marrow bones that have been smoked and roasted, then turned into a delicious bone broth. The broth is then added to a load of caramelized onions and turned into a soup.

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baked brie is the best

Baked Brie-schetta

One of our favorite snacks to make when we have friends over is a baked brie. It's easy, fast, and versatile. But what would happen if you topped it with garlic, tomatoes, and fresh herbs? Deliciousness! That's what!

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Main Course:

Recipe Blog - Lamb Lollipops - serve2

Lamb Lollipop with Mustard Cream Sauce

In a bit of a meat rut? Try this easy recipe for Lamb Lollipops with Mustard Cream Sauce to break away from the typical protein fare and have something delicious, exciting, and a little new. The fresh tang of the lemon pepper pairs perfectly with the deep lamb flavor.

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Recipe Blog - Huli Huli Chicken - serve2

Pineapple-Butt Huli-Huli-Style Hawaiian Chicken

Don’t have any fancy gizmos for doing a beer-butt chicken? What about beer? You’re out of that too? No problem, try making this super easy (super tasty) Hawaiian-inspired Pineapple-Butt Huli-Huli-Style Chicken for dinner.

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recipe Blog - Tenderloin Au Poivre - serve1

Beef Tenderloin Au Poivre

Beef doesn’t have to get boring. You can dress almost any recipe into something that will impress and we’re going to take this already posh recipe and put it on the Ritz!

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recipe Blog - Crown Roast Pork - serve2

Crown Roast of Pork

The holidays are important. Whether you are celebrating with friends or family, making memorable moments is easy with a fantastic holiday meal. Celebrate by cooking a divine Crown Roast Of Pork On the Grill.

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Main Course for Vegetarians:

Recipe Blog - Mushroom Pasta - serve1

Easy, Creamy, Vegetarian Mushroom Pasta

With the fall and winter weather upon us, I felt the need for an easy, creamy, and comforting dish. This Vegetarian Mushroom Pasta recipe ticks all of the boxes for me and provides a meal that the whole family can eat.

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Recipe Blog - Peruvian Vegan - serve1

Peruvian Style Vegetables

Mild or spicy, however you like it, nothing beats the delightful flavors of Peruvian barbecue. If you are vegan, don't fret, this recipe has you covered. Cauliflower steaks, portobello mushrooms, or any other of your favorite vegetables all taste great when slathered with this flavorful sauce.

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Recipe Blog - Copycat Gideons Cookies - serve2

Monster-Sized Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookie

For those who don’t know, Gideon’s Bakehouse is a dark-Victorian-themed bakery that serves the best and largest cookies on the planet. The only little problem is, if you don’t live in Orlando, you can’t get them. Or can you?

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Just Delicious

Lemon & Blueberry Cake

This Easter season, try a light and fresh Lemon & Blueberry Cake for dessert. This confection tastes as good as it looks, and boy does it ever look good! The light lemony flavor of the cake pairs perfectly with the tart blueberries.

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Say “Yes” to a Napoleon Grill

Your backyard BBQ wedding simply wouldn’t be complete without the presence of an outdoor kitchen equipped with a built-in barbecue.

Napoleon’s built-in BBQ and outdoor kitchen setup provides the perfect setting to transform your wedding reception into a culinary delight. Imagine the sizzle of juicy steaks, the tantalizing aroma of grilled vegetables, and the laughter of loved ones mingling in the open air.

With a dedicated space for grilling and food prep, you can ensure that your guests are treated to mouthwatering dishes cooked to perfection. Whether you envision a casual and relaxed affair or a more formal event, an outdoor kitchen adds a touch of elegance and convenience to your special day.

Say “yes” to a Napoleon built-in grill today.

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