Top Décor Mistakes & How to Avoid Them - Paint & Color

Decorating your home is a very personal thing. Some people feel there are strict rules about how to decorate. You know what they say about rules though, they’re meant to be broken or at least bent a little. Interior design at its heart is purely about making your space comfortable for yourself, your family, your lifestyle. It needs to bring joy and make you feel happy. However, there can be some pitfalls when it comes to paint and color in the home; this article will help you identify and avoid them.


On Paint

You would be surprised, this is the most commonly made error when decorating, but don’t buy your paint first. Start by purchasing the most expensive item needed for the space you are decorating. That could be the couch, bed, or dining room. Once you have those items, find the right paint color for the space. This is because you are likely buying something that is custom or quality, and very likely purchased online, so the color can be different than the ideal you think it is.

When you are ready for paint, it is best to try it first. You need to see how well the shade you picked goes with the furniture you selected as well as see how it does in each lighting situation that room will experience. Paint will look completely different from the swatch in store when it is in direct sunlight, shade, twilight, and artificial light. Plus, it’s so much easier to change the paint than it is to return that couch.

Although it is tempting, don’t use your absolute favorite color as the main color in a space. You’re more likely to get tired of it so much faster, especially if it’s currently in vogue.




On Color in General

Color can be a terrifying thing for some, however going all white or neutral can be, at best, boring, at worst, sterile. Be adventurous with color, pattern, and texture. You don’t necessarily have to pick neon magenta for a wall color, but you can incorporate great colors into a single piece of furniture with additional accents of that same color around the room.

If you happened to “go for it” and your accent wall is a little too much for you, try layering it with a large print or piece of artwork and some polarizing pieces of furniture to ensure that the wall becomes an accent and not the star of the show.

Sometimes it is far too easy to go overboard. Just remember that not everything needs to make a bold statement. For example in both Transitional and Traditional design, one or three bold pieces layered with simple lines, fabrics, colors, and solids can create a cohesive whole that is both comforting and comfortable.


Working with these general rules will definitely help ensure that your home is a cohesive and comforting whole. Find out about more of the top décor mistakes and how to avoid them with our blog about Style and Furniture, and our blog about Windows, Floors, and Electronics.

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