Electric Log Sets

Woodland™ Series

Available Models: 18, 24 & 27

The Woodland Series Electric Log Set requires no installation, just plug-in, and place in a pre-existing masonry fireplace.

Starting at $599CAD

Woodland™ Series

Available Models: 18, 24 & 27

The Woodland Series Electric Log Set requires no installation, just plug-in, and place in a pre-existing masonry fireplace.

Starting at $599CAD

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Electric Fireplace Log Sets are an economical solution to fill a pre-existing wood-burning fireplace opening. With all of our experience creating the most beautiful flames, it’s no wonder our Electric fireplace logs are as impressive as the real thing. No venting, renovations, or complications are required; just set up, plug in, and enjoy the instant ambiance. Eco-friendly, and producing no emissions, the high-intensity, low-energy LED lights produce a beautiful glowing fire that is under your complete control. Use the included remote to light the fire and control brightness, flame height, and even heat intensity. The electric fireplace logs glow and flicker just like a real wood fire and never become hot enough to burn, making them safe for pets and children, even when putting out plenty of lovely, cozy heat. Enjoy instant ambiance without work or mess, while keeping the heart of the home, your masonry fireplace.

A Napoleon electric fireplace log insert offers an elegant and convenient solution for enhancing your indoor living area. Designed to fit seamlessly into existing masonry or fireplace openings, they’re an ideal replacement for traditional wood or gas fireplaces. Electric logs for a fireplace are easy to install and require no special ventilation - simply plug them in and enjoy. The logs are meticulously hand-painted to achieve a highly realistic look, complemented by an LED-illuminated ember bed that mimics the warm glow of a real wood fire.

Electric fireplace logs aren’t just about aesthetics; they’re also a practical heat source. They feature a 5,000 BTU heater that operates on a standard 120V household outlet. Thanks to their front-facing heat vents, they’re safe to install near combustible materials, making them versatile for various design layouts. The remote control adds a layer of convenience, allowing you to adjust flame intensity and set the thermostat from anywhere in the room.

Beyond their traditional charm, electric fireplace logs offer significant benefits over their gas or wood counterparts. They’re a cost-effective, eco-friendly option, perfect for both renovations and new construction. Embrace the blend of traditional appeal and modern technology with the Napoleon Woodland Electric Fireplace Log Set – a smart choice for comfort and ambiance.

How Do Napoleon Electric Log Sets Blend Tradition with Technology?

The Napoleon electric fireplace logs revolutionize the aesthetic experience of traditional fireplaces, merging the classic charm of a masonry fireplace with the effortless convenience of modern technology. By simply plugging it in, you can immerse yourself in the warmth and visual appeal of a glowing log set without any of the hassles associated with traditional fireplaces.

At the heart of its design is Napoleon’s advanced flame technology. This innovative feature skillfully adjusts the flame effect, including its color, height, and speed, to create a captivating illusion reminiscent of a genuine wood-burning fire. The flames dance with a natural randomness, emulating the unpredictable and mesmerizing nature of real fire.

What truly sets it apart is the modulating ember bed. This element of the electric fireplace logs is designed to produce a lifelike glow, adding depth and realism to the flames. The ember bed’s subtle flickering and radiant warmth contribute to an atmosphere of coziness and comfort, enhancing the overall ambiance of any space.

An electric log fireplace is a versatile addition to various settings, be it a spacious family home, a cozy condo, a chic apartment, or a professional office space. It offers the perfect blend of traditional aesthetics and modern convenience, creating a welcoming environment wherever it’s placed. Enjoy the timeless beauty of a crackling fire with the ease and eco-friendliness of an electric appliance, making fireplace log inserts a smart and stylish choice for today’s living spaces.

What are the Safety Features of Napoleon Electric Fireplace Logs?

LED electric fireplaces are designed without real flames, drastically reducing the risk of accidental fires. This is especially crucial in homes with children and pets or compact living spaces where traditional fireplaces might pose a significant risk. One of the standout safety features is that the LED technology generates light, not heat, making the exterior of these fireplaces safe to touch. This is a significant advantage over traditional fireplaces, where the exterior can become extremely hot and pose a burn hazard.

Traditional fireplaces can release smoke and carbon monoxide, which are harmful to both indoor air quality and health. LED fireplaces eliminate these concerns, as they do not burn fuel or produce emissions. This makes them an ideal choice for environmentally conscious households and those with respiratory sensitivities.

Many LED fireplaces are equipped with built-in safety features, like automatic shut-off systems. These systems are designed to turn off the fireplace in case it overheats, providing an additional layer of safety for the household.

Can I Customize the Electric Log Set’s Flame and Temperature?

Yes, you can customize the flame and temperature of electric fireplace logs. The remote control allows you to adjust the flame and ember log light brightness with one ember log light setting and three flame brightness levels. There are six temperature settings (61°F, 64°F, 70°F, 75°F, 81°F, and 85°F). The heater automatically operates to reach your selected temperature and will turn on again if the room temperature drops 2 degrees below the set temperature, ensuring consistent comfort.

Are Electric Log Sets Efficient?

Napoleon’s electric fire logs utilize “zone heating.” Zone heating is a highly efficient way to heat your home and cut energy costs. This method involves heating only the rooms you’re using to a comfortable temperature while keeping unused rooms at a lower heat setting. For instance, during the day, heat living areas with supplemental sources and set the central heating lower. At night, focus the heating on the bedrooms. Electric zone heating allows for a lower thermostat setting without comfort loss and is often more economical than gas or oil central heating systems. You get the added benefit of personalizing the temperature in different rooms to suit everyone’s comfort. Plus, it’s easier on your central heating system, reducing wear and tear. And importantly, it’s better for the environment due to lower energy consumption, helping you reduce your carbon footprint. Zone heating is a practical, cost-effective, and eco-friendly way to keep your home comfortable.

Do Electric Log Sets Offer the Authentic Feel of a Traditional Fireplace?

Napoleon electric fireplaces offer a visually convincing fire experience without producing real flames. The absence of real combustion means these fireplaces don’t emit harmful fumes, creosote, or burning embers, making them a cleaner and safer option for indoor heating and ambiance.

The logs, crafted from molds of real burnt logs and hand-painted for authenticity, offer a stunning look, both on and off. The three logs can be arranged to your liking, allowing for a personalized appearance. The set features ultra-bright LED lights in the logs and ember bed, creating a lifelike display of pulsating embers. Additionally, the LED lighting’s rear-projecting flame effects enhance the illusion of a real fire by reflecting off the back of your fireplace, adding to its overall impressiveness.

The log set’s dynamic lighting further enhances its authentic feel. The LED technology not only simulates the glow of burning embers but also creates a play of light and shadow, mimicking the flickering of real flames. This interplay of light adds a dynamic, living quality to the fireplace, making it feel like a true, crackling wood fire. The overall effect is a deeply immersive experience, bringing a traditional fireplace’s rustic charm and warmth into your home with modern convenience and safety.

Do Electric Fireplaces Release Carbon Monoxide?

No, electric fireplaces, such as those from Napoleon, don’t produce carbon monoxide, as there’s no actual combustion involved. They are a safe option, free from the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning. However, it’s crucial to follow safety practices with electric fireplaces, such as turning them off when leaving the room for a long time or while sleeping, to prevent damage. Napoleon fireplaces are rigorously safety tested to meet high standards, ensuring both safety and quality.

It’s essential to adhere to safety guidelines, such as not covering the fireplace and ensuring proper ventilation in the room. It’s essential to keep the fireplace clear of flammable objects and ensure it’s not covered by furniture or curtains. Avoid using extension cords, as they can overheat. Regularly inspect the cord and plug for any damage.

How Do I Maintain an Electric Log Set?

Electric fireplace logs are low-maintenance, not needing the regular cleaning that wood-burning types do, as they emit no smoke or fumes. Their LED lights have a long lifespan of up to 10 years. While they don’t require frequent cleaning, regular dusting is advisable. To clean, gently wipe the glass with a soft cloth and glass cleaner and dust the top and sides with a mitt. This simple care makes them an easy addition to your annual spring-cleaning routine.

Check the electrical components periodically for any signs of wear or damage. It’s also good practice to clean the glass screen regularly with a suitable cleaner to maintain clarity and appearance. If your model has a filter, clean or replace it as recommended by the manufacturer. These simple maintenance steps will help keep your electric fireplace in good working condition, ensuring safety and longevity.

Can I Activate the Electric Fireplace Log Set Without Heat?

Yes, you can use Napoleon electric log sets without heat. This allows you to appreciate the visual appeal of the fireplace, even on warmer days. It’s perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere that you can enjoy year-round. This option also provides energy-saving benefits, as you can bask in the ambiance of a fire without incurring energy costs. For those sensitive to dry air often associated with heating elements, this mode maintains a comfortable humidity level so that you can relax and de-stress without the physical heat.

For expert guidance in selecting the ideal Napoleon electric log sets for your home, consider visiting a local Napoleon dealer. They offer personalized advice, ensuring your choice suits your unique needs and environment.

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