Top Décor Mistakes & How to Avoid Them - Windows, Floors & Electronics

Decorating your home is a very personal thing. Some people feel there are strict rules about how to decorate. You know what they say about rules though, they’re meant to be broken or at least bent a little. Interior design at its heart is purely about making your space comfortable for yourself, your family, your lifestyle. It needs to bring joy and make you feel happy. However, there are a few décor mistakes that you can make, and this article will help you identify the top décor mistakes when it comes to your windows, floors, and electronic devices and how to avoid them.


On Windows & Floors

If you have wooden or tile floors, one of the easiest ways to bring coziness into a home is to add an area rug. Area rugs, as a rule, should be bigger than the edges of the biggest piece of furniture. A too-small area rug will look strange unless you layer it with another rug or two in the case of creating a cozier area and has a Rustic design feel.

  • A rug should be two feet longer than your couch so that the couch would have one foot of rug on either side.

  • An area rug should be about one and a half feet wider than the bed.

  • An area rug in the dining room should be three feet past the edge of the dining table.

Curtains, any window coverings for that matter, will finish a room. That is to say, you definitely notice if windows have not been covered, but if the correct window dressings are used, you don’t notice because the room is a beautiful and cohesive whole. When it comes to curtains, a few simple tricks will ensure a luxe feel. Hanging them closer to the ceiling, well above the window frame will lend a room height, ideal nowadays when eight-foot ceilings are the norm. Oversetting curtains up to a foot to either side of the window will ensure extra light when heavier panels are needed. Curtains should be sill-height if you need to do short curtains for any reason. Otherwise, they should just brush the floor, if not pool a tiny bit.

Family portraits, vacation photos, artwork, there are so many things to hang on the walls. A great way to manage that would be a gallery wall. Easily create a stunning wall by cutting out paper in the same size and shape as your frames and organizing the pieces with tape until you are happy. Remember to hang art and photos at about eye level.




Electronics & Lighting

When laying out a room, pay attention to where your outlets are. Imagine designing a room and finding out that you can’t place things where you want because there are too few outlets or they’re on the wrong side of the room throwing off your furniture placement plan. To that effect, don’t rely only on overhead lighting either. Task lighting, accent lighting, they play a huge role in making a space feel more comfortable.

Televisions are central in many living rooms and part of day to day life, but that doesn’t mean you need to design around it. Create a living space that concentrates on comfort and conversation, allowing the T.V. to enter into it after the fact. Using your fireplace as the focus is ideal in this situation. With the advancements of Napoleon’s Dynamic Heat Control, you can safely place the tube over your fireplace without worrying about heat damage. This allows the room to be designed for comfort before the addition of a television.


Working with these general rules will definitely help ensure that your home is a cohesive and comforting whole. Find out about more of the top décor mistakes and how to avoid them with our blog about Style and Furniture, and our blog about Paint and Color.

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