Top Fireplace Trends for 2023

What fireplaces are in style for 2023? Fireplaces have moved away from being “just” functional to becoming the ultimate source of ambiance, tranquility, and comfort. They also have become a symbol of style and luxury. Bold, ultra-modern, and innovative—these are the top fireplace trends you will see in the new year.


Linear Designs

In interior design, long straight lines create the illusion of space and give a sense of tranquility. These are things people need to feel at home, especially after the pandemic.

Thus, fireplaces with long extended lines will be a trend in 2023. Napoleon’s Vector Series feature horizontal lines that can help give your space a sense of peace and anchored stability.

This fireplace also features:

  • Up to 48,000 BTUs

  • eFIRE Bluetooth App included

  • NIGHT LIGHT™ system

  • MIRRO-FLAME™ porcelain reflective radiant panels

  • Ember bed featuring multi-colored LED lights

  • Divinity™ flame pattern

  • Electronic ignition

Specific heat management also allows you to safely display TVs, install electronics, and hang artwork above the fireplace.


Wallpaper Surround

Thanks to Napoleon’s innovations in heat management systems, the walls are cool to the touch, allowing for the installation of sensitive electronic equipment like TVs, your favorite artwork, or even wallpaper to create a focal wall without the worry of discoloring the paper.

In 2023, more people are going to be using wallpaper to decorate and surround their fireplaces. Offering more personalization options than stones or tiles, wallpaper uses whatever design and color palette you want to show off your unique taste and personal style.

A fireplace surrounded by bright colors and intriguing patterns can serve as your home’s accent or focal point as well. Some of the fireplaces offered by Napoleon with heat management systems include the Elevation Series, Altitude X Series, and Ascent Deep Series.


Space Utilixation

Taking inspiration from previous seasons, 2023 fireplace trends will continue to focus on the practical use of space. Fireplaces and television sets will share the same wall not just to utilize space but also to make your home look as decluttered as possible.

Corners and nooks will also be considered for fireplace installations. This is a great idea if you have a smaller area and want to maximize every inch of space.

Some fireplaces, such as large wood stoves, are not always an option for the everyday homeowner, but Napoleon offers plenty of alternatives: media console fireplaces, freestanding, and corner fireplaces.

Alternatively, Napoleon’s Entice Series are fireplaces you can simply hang, plug in, and use. You can also opt to fully recess them into the wall for a flush look.

Another space-saving option is a wall-mounted fireplace such as the Alluravision Series. It’s a functional source of heat that can also give your room a contemporary design.

Some of the key features of this series are:

  • High intensity LED lights with soft start and stop

  • Warms up to 800 sq. ft.

  • Fully recess into the wall or easily hang with a built-in bracket

  • A multitude of flame speed, color, brightness, and embed bed options




Integrated Units

Synergy has been big in design and will continue to be next year—but in a different way. Instead of simply taking separate elements and putting them together into a cohesive whole, 2023 is about taking an integrated approach that blurs the lines between elements.

Monochromatic wall tones and frameless fireplaces are two elements that achieve this kind of “oneness.” Without frames, it can seamlessly integrate with your wall and other elements.

One example of a frameless fireplace is Napoleon’s Park Avenue Series. Aside from looking effortlessly beautiful, this fireplace also boasts the following features:

  • Up to 26,000 BTUs

  • PHAZERMATIC advanced burner

  • Exclusive NIGHT LIGHT

  • Lifetime warranty

  • 100 percent SAFE GUARD gas control system

This single-sided fireplace can be installed at the bottom of your wall for an ultra-modern feel. But if you want a more traditional take, it can also be built into customized cabinetry.



Double-sided fireplaces—also known as see-through fireplaces—allow you to “see through” the other side of the fireplace. It’s a sophisticated way of dividing open floor plans.

It’s a favorite choice among interior designers because they act as a home’s statement piece which is why it will grow in popularity in 2023.

Napoleon is proud to be the first to offer a truly see-through electric fireplace: The CLEARion Elite Series.

The CLEARion Elite Series increases the comfort of two spaces at the same time because it can heat separate rooms at different rates. It also has a “privacy mode” where you can change the transparency of the glass—from semi-transparent to truly opaque.

This series also boasts of the following features:

  • Up to 10,000 BTUs and 3,000 watts

  • Viewing area of 43 ⅝ inches (width) x 12 inches (height)

  • Warms up to 800 square feet

  • Three flame color options: orange, blue, and multi-color

  • 15 different ember bed colors

  • Five different flame speed options

  • Full feature remote control




Get Inspired by These Fireplace Trends in 2023

Give your home an upgrade in the new year with these fireplace trends. If you need a hand in knowing what’s trending, we’re happy to help.

Napoleon is one of the trusted global manufacturers of high-quality, lifetime-use fireplaces. Visit our website to check out some of the best fireplaces on the market, or get creative with our Fireplace Design Studio!

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