Fireplace Solutions for Small Spaces

If you live in a small space, you may have thought about what it would be like to have a cozy, heat-emitting fireplace but fretted about it not fitting in your space. Although some options may be out of the question, such as large wood stoves, there are options for fireplaces to be used in living areas of all shapes and sizes. With the right style and a few tricks, you can use a fireplace in your small space without sacrificing comfort.


Choose a Fireplace that Will Blend in With Your Space

There are various options to place a fireplace in your small space. Here are a few of the more popular ones:


Media Console Fireplace

Media Console Fireplaces offer the benefits of an entertainment console along with having built-in Electric Fireplaces. They are one of the most popular types of small fireplaces for small homes and apartments because they perform double duty. Not only do they provide a warm fire and wonderful ambiance, but they also have shelving to store all your entertainment options and have a flat top where a TV can be placed.


Wall Mount Fireplace

Wall Mount Fireplaces are Electric Fireplaces and one of the most space-efficient options for small spaces because they don’t require any floor space. They provide a source of electric heat and are built to be placed anywhere in your house with access to electricity. They are very thin and require no venting, making them an excellent solution for a small space, up to 400 sq ft. Wall-mounted fireplaces tend to add an upscale touch to any room.


Corner Fireplace

If you would love to have a fireplace but don’t have a focal space for it, then a Corner Fireplace is a great choice. They can fit perfectly into any 90-degree corner and blend nicely into your living space. Consider investing in a corner fireplace that doubles as a media console for even more versatility.


Electric Stove Fireplace

When you think of a stove fireplace, you probably picture one that requires venting, a lot of space, not to mention wood for burning. But modern Electric Stove Fireplaces take up less space and less time by not requiring space or wood. They are very compact, so you can place them anywhere you need heat.


Freestanding Fireplace

Freestanding Fireplaces typically use gas, so they can be placed almost anywhere, as long as you consider wall clearance and a hearth to protect your floors. You’ll need gas lines installed in your preferred location, but once installed, a licensed gasfitter can make the switch quickly.


Decorate Mindfully Using Your Fireplace as a Focal Point

Depending on the type of fireplace you get, you may want to spend some time figuring out how to decorate the space so that it doesn’t seem cluttered. Here are a few tricks:

Use colour to make the fireplace pop
In designing your living space with a fireplace, you can use colour to enhance your space. A simple way to “stretch” the room is to paint the lower half of the wall, including the fireplace, a darker colour, and paint the top half of the wall a lighter colour. If you want less colour but want to bring out your fireplace, you can simply paint the fireplace an accent colour instead of the entire wall.

Use the area around the fireplace as the main decoration
A fireplace gives you an excellent opportunity to create a feature wall. It could be that you already have brick built in, but if not, you could install brick, panelling, or another type of material. You could hang a mirror above the fireplace to boost light and make the room feel more spacious. Or, if you are tight on funds, use the mantle as a display area for plants and items that are precious to you.

Go for storage where possible
Storage is often an issue in small spaces, so it’s essential to use it when you can. Alcoves are great for this, with a fireplace in the center, or you can opt for a media console fireplace or other fireplace option with shelving and storage built in.


Napoleon offers several different options for fireplaces that can be used in small spaces. Let us help you find one that can be placed in the perfect location without making the room too crowded.

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