7 Easy BBQ Recipes for Your Next Beach Day

Of all the words that start with the letter “B”, beach and BBQ are two of everyone’s ultimate favorites. How could we not be biased towards these two words when they spell everything that’s great about summer?

It’s no secret that the beach is all about the sea, sand, and sky, but it’s also about the savory smokin’ barbecue dishes that will keep you energized after a fun day of building sand castles, surfing the waves, and working on your tan.

Prepare your Napoleon portable grill and summon your inner BBQ chef, because you don’t want to miss out on these awesome beach BBQ food ideas.


Bacon Mac N Cheese Hot Dog

Recipe Blog - Bacon Mac N Cheese Dogs - serve1

We’ll let you in on a secret; when people say “sun’s out, bun’s out”, this is what they mean. Hot dog buns, of course! Elevate the traditional hot dog by adding some bacon mac n cheese flair into the mix.

Rather than just adding ketchup, mayo, and mustard to your ‘dog, this recipe will challenge you to make homemade macaroni and cheese and pair it with a perfectly grilled BBQ hot dog. Topped with bits of crumbled bacon, extra helpings of cheese, and all the savory goodness of mac and cheese, this will be one of the crowning glories of your beach BBQ recipe list.

The brilliant bacon mac n cheese hot dog recipe awaits you!



Recipe Blog - CurryWurst - serve2

You’ll be extra excited to fire up your TravelQ portable grill for this recipe because there is truly something special about indulging in a hearty bowl of currywurst after an intense game of beach volleyball or ultimate Frisbee.

Currywurst is one of Germany’s most loved street food options, and chances are that it’s one of the most popular beach snacks, too. These German-style sausages are pre-cooked, so you just have to grill them until the outside gets all crispy. Slice them into bite-sized pieces, toss them in a delectable curry-tomato sauce, dust with curry powder, and serve with thick-cut French fries.

Learn the art of making beach-side-worthy currywurst!


Chilli in a Mug


The sweltering heat beating down on you during the day has now turned into a cool summer night, which calls for a heartwarming mug of this iconic chili. The best part is that you don’t even have to use spoons to enjoy this easygoing beach BBQ snack. You can just tear open a bag of tortilla chips and dip with joy as the waves gently crash into the shore.

Get your chili on the go!


Pepperoni Pan Pizza

Recipe Blog - Cast Iron Pan Pizza - Serve

No matter where we are or who we’re with, pizza is always a great idea. Hands down, pepperoni pan pizza has got to be one of the best beach BBQ recipe ideas ever. For some mysterious reason that we are yet to decode, pizza just tastes better when it’s enjoyed outdoors. To that effect, pack that pre-made pizza dough, mix your red sauce to perfection, and prepare all your favorite toppings because this pepperoni pan pizza will be the highlight of your beach getaway.

Brace yourself for a delicious pepperoni pan pizza recipe!


Cajun Style Wings

Recipe Blog - Cajun Wings - serve2

Once you taste the magic of these Cajun-style wings, you’ll know that you came for the waves yet stayed for the BBQ!

This appetizer is tasty enough to be the entrée, especially when smoked to perfection and tossed in cajun seasoning and beer sauce. We recommend making a big batch of these wings because your friends are bound to get hooked on their aromatic charm. Warning: they may be hotter than the summer sun!

Get the recipe to treat your palate to a spicy masterpiece!


BBQ Skewers with Peanut Sauce and Noodles

Recipe Blog - ChickenPeanutSkewers - serve2

It isn’t a proper beach BBQ until the skewers come off the grill, right? Amaze your family and friends, with your extraordinary culinary skills when you serve up individual portions of this peanut-y noodle bowl.

These skewers are almost too easy to make, using ingredients you most likely have on hand. To make them vegan or vegetarian-friendly, you can even opt for tofu or mushrooms as protein alternatives. For convenience, while you’re barbecuing on the go, precook your noodles before you head to your destination!

The BBQ Skewer recipe is waiting for you!


Vegan Mushroom Pulled Pork

Recipe Blog - Vegan Mushroom Pulled Pork - Serve2

Don’t be deceived by the name; there is no pork in this recipe! Made for vegans (but so tasty everyone will love it), this mushroom-based delicacy radiates a deep, smoky flavor that will make you crave for more. All you have to do is smoke the mushrooms on the grill, let them cool, and shred them. Next, caramelize them in vegan BBQ sauce, place them on a bun, and serve with a side of slaw. Ta-da, pulled mushroom!

Make your beach adventure complete with this vegan mushroom pulled pork recipe.


Beach, BBQ, and Beyond

Now that you’re equipped with all these palate-pleasing beach BBQ food ideas, you’re ready to take your escapades to the next level. Have your portable grill at the ready, because your next vacation is all about the beach, BBQ, and beyond!

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