Built-In Electric Fireplaces

Shopping For A Built-in Electric Fireplace?

Built-in Electric Fireplaces are uniquely suited to situations where it is not feasible to install a traditional fireplace. Condos, apartment buildings, or city codes may not allow for gas or wood installations, and that is where a Built-in Electric Fireplace can transform your space to create the luxury and comfort only a fireplace can provide. They are also a cost-effective way to add the splendour of a fireplace to any room. Electric fireplaces can be built directly into walls for a completely seamless look or they can be added to a mantel package that provides media storage and charm. They do not require venting or gas work but will require a contractor or electrician for hardwiring if installing into a wall. Versatile Electric Fireplaces can be put in any room with designs that range from glittering, linear, and contemporary to traditional with realistic glowing logs. They’re ready to use straight from the box, just plug one in for instant fireplace delight. Electric Fireplaces have come a long way and feature low energy usage, LED lights for day and nighttime brilliance, and remote controls for ease of use, ensuring that no matter where you place a Built-in Electric Fireplace, joy and comfort are ensured.

Shop Napoleon built-in electric fireplaces

Luminex Series

The Luminex Built-In LCD Electric Fireplace offers a truly immersive experience. Featuring a unique LCD display with three different flame visuals, and built-in speakers that project unique sounds for each flame, creating a truly immersive experience.


Astound Series

Discover the Astound series, including the Built-In and FlexMount models. Enjoy the realistic flames with spark effects and versatile installation options designed to make a statement in any space.


Elevation™ Electric Series

Experience captivating beauty with an Elevation™ Built-In Electric Fireplace. Triple-layer flame technology replicates real flames, while premium split oak logs enhance authenticity.


CLEARion™ Elite Series

The CLEARion™ Elite See Through Electric Fireplace creates a seamlessly relaxing environment in two rooms.


Entice™ Series

The Entice™ Linear Electric Fireplaces can be hung or recessed and are ideal for adding the luxury of a fireplace to every space.


Trivista™ Primis Series

The Trivista™ Primis 3-sided electric fireplace series boasts the highest heat output in its category.


Element™ Series

The Element™ self trimming electric fireplace series features the highest heat output and best looking flame in its category.


Ascent™ Electric Series

Ascent™ Electric Fireplace Series imitates the look of a traditional masonry fireplace with all the convenience of simply plugging it in.


Cineview™ Series

The Cineview Built-In Electric Fireplace is the ideal all-in-one unit for replacing wood or unfinished fireplace openings.