Direct Vent Gas Stoves

What is a Direct Vent Gas Stove?

Imagine the traditional, old-world, charm of a wood stove with the high-tech heating performance of a gas fireplace. Direct Vent Gas Stoves have it all. They’re incredibly versatile and can be installed in virtually any room. Venting is directed outside through flexible vents and without the need for chimneys. They are just as efficient as Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces and are completely sealed units. No gasses escape and there are no drafts from outside. Outdoor air is drawn into the firebox, pushing the hot air for venting out. The indoor air is heated by radiant heat from the unit itself and can be improved with the use of a blower. Direct Vent Gas Stoves will operate during a power outage, requiring no electricity to light, and ensuring that you have plenty of heating and light.

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Distinct Stove Series

Available in 23 & 28

The Distinct Series Gas Stoves are compact in stature, but not in heating power.


Cast Iron Stove Series

Available in 19, 24 & 27

Napoleon's Cast Iron Series Gas Stoves boast solid performance and impressive heating efficiencies.