Fireplace Safety Barrier

Indoor/Outdoor Kit

Napoleon Indoor Outdoor Kit

Imagine installing your linear gas fireplace on an exterior wall and being able to enjoy the view both indoors and outside. Napoleon’s Indoor/Outdoor Kit is an industry first and provides incredible features unseen anywhere else.


Available exclusively on our Luxuria™ Series of Gas Fireplaces, one of our most versatile fireplace models, available in four sizes.

Luxuria™ Series

Available Models: 38, 50, 62 & 74

The Luxuria™ Series of Linear Gas Fireplaces feature multiple designer options making it the most versatile linear series available.



Beautiful Inside and Out

Napoleon’s Luxuria™ Series Gas Fireplace is available as a See-Through model which allows you to enjoy this gorgeous fireplace in more than one room. However, could you imagine enjoying the beautiful, unobstructed views of this fireplace from the comfort of your outdoor living area? With features like the Premium Glass Guard System negating the need for safety screens and enhancing the already stunning view of the Luxuria™ Series stunning ember bed, this fantasy is now a real possibility. Without a safety screen and installed with the Indoor/Outdoor Kit you can enjoy the best views of the fireplace and your outdoor living space.



Easy to Clean or Service

Safely and easily clean this fireplace in just 15 minutes by yourself. This also ensures easy service, again, in just 15 minutes, with only one person when compared to other fireplaces, cleaning and maintenance services. A See-Through, Luxuria Series™ Gas Fireplace with an Indoor/Outdoor window unlocks with a single key which swings open all the way for easy cleaning and access to hardware for maintenance.



Built for Canadian Winters

Living in Canada, we understand that winters can get downright frigid. The Indoor/Outdoor Kit was designed to keep that in mind, ensuring that a home’s insulation integrity is not compromised, no matter the temperature. The sealed viewing system provides greater than R4 insulation value. In fact, the glass used in these Indoor/Outdoor Kits exceeds the performance of most residential windows, preventing drafts and limiting noise transfer. The unique materials used in construction ensure that all parts expand and contract at the same rate ensuring that all seals and gaskets maintain integrity during use and throughout the changing seasons.