Gas Fireplace Inserts

What Is A Gas Fireplace Insert?

Gas Fireplace Inserts are different from Gas Fireplaces. A Gas Fireplace Insert is a highly efficient, self contained unit that is intended to be inserted into an existing fireplace opening. As a sealed unit, they vent exclusively through the existing chimney and seal off the fireplace opening in your home preventing drafts. Gas Fireplace Inserts require minimal maintenance and are smaller than a traditional fireplace. That is due to the fact that they are built to fit within an old masonry wood fireplace opening or to replace an older, existing insert. This smaller size is also designed to make installation faster and easier. This easier installation, accompanied by a near endless offering of designer choices provides an instant update to any room. Match your décor or create a focal point almost immediately while reducing heating costs and increasing your personal comfort.


Oakville™ Series

Available in 28 & 34

The clean faced Oakville™ Series is aesthetically pleasing while their performance make them the only choice when buying an insert.