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You Control the Heat

Designed for your TV

Napoleon's Heat Management allows you to install your television, art, and electronics closer to your fireplace.

Napoleon prides itself on enhancing life's memorable moments through innovative home comfort solutions.

Now, we’ve made it even easier to enjoy the comfort and warmth of a gas fireplace by providing ways to direct the heat exactly where it is needed, which isn’t necessarily in front of the fireplace.

Heat Management serves many purposes and offers several benefits. Continue reading to discover which systems are compatible with which fireplaces and to learn the benefits of the different solutions.







Heat Management Comparison

Enables you to control the heat
Operates without a fan   
Reduction of clearances to combustibles  
Reduction of height for TV installation  
Increase in depth for TV recess    
Greater design flexibility in finish material   
Increased flexibility for installations   
Compatible with room divider installations     
Option to move heat to the outdoors    

*DHC+ is an add-on to the DHC System


Internal Blower

Effective tool for better utilizing the warmth of the fireplace

Mounted inside the fireplace, this solution provides adequate heat circulation in the room where the fireplace is located.

Compatible Units: Ascent™ Linear (BL36, BL42, BL46, BL56), Ascent™ (B30, B36, B42, B46), Ascent™ X (BX36, BX42, GX36, GX42, GX70), Ascent™ Deep (D42, DX42), Elevation™ X (EX36, EX42), Altitude™ X (AX36, AX42), Elevation™ (E36, E42)


Hot Air Distribution Kit (LHAD)

Improves the efficiency of the warm air circulating into the living space

Effectively moves warm air from the fireplace into a different room or outdoors using flexible ducting. For rooms where the fireplace is at one end of the room, LHAD moves the heat to other areas within the space.


Compatible Units: Vector™ (LV38, LV50, LV62, LV74), Ascent™ Linear (BL36, BL42, BL46, BL56), Altitude™ X (AX36, AX42), Ascent™ X (BX36, BX42, GX36, GX42, GX70), Ascent™ Deep (D42, DX42), Elevation™ X (EX36, EX42)


Universal Heat Management (UHM/UHMF)

A simple and quiet heat management solution

Operates without the need for electricity or blowers. Using a set of ducts, the heat is efficiently circulated around the room instead of blowing directly from the front of the fireplace. This is a silent system, which is ideal for spending quality time with loved ones watching a movie or reading. UHM lowers clearances for combustibles and allows for the safe installation of electronics above the fireplace.


Compatible Units: Ascent™ Linear (BL36, BL42, BL46, BL56), Ascent™ X (BX36, BX42), Ascent™ Deep (D42, DX42), Elevation™ (E36, E42), Altitude™ X (AX36, AX42)


Dynamic Heat Control (DHC)

Attain full control over the heat

No ducting, fans or power required to circulate the heat. Allows homeowners to design and build their space, completely integrating a fireplace into the décor with true zero clearance to combustible materials. Designed for your TV or artwork to be installed directly above the fireplace. By stopping shy of the ceiling and incorporating an air outlet opening at the top of the enclosure, heat can escape into the same room as the fireplace.


Compatible Units: Luxuria™ (LVX38, LVX50, LVX62, LVX74), Vector™ (LV38, LV50, LV62, LV74), Elevation™ X (EX36, EX42)


Dynamic Heat Control Plus (DHC+)

Enjoy the addition of a high-performance fan to move the heat outside

Add the DHC+ to your DHC system for a powered solution that allows heat to be pulled from the fireplace enclosure and directed to any living area in the home that needs it, including outdoors when not needed inside your home. Easily install a TV above the fireplace. Uses variable speed which allows the installer to reduce the fan speed to suit the specific installation.


Compatible Units: Luxuria™ (LVX38, LVX50, LVX62, LVX74), Vector™ (LV38, LV50, LV62, LV74), Elevation™ X (EX36, EX42)


Ducted Heat Management (DHM)

Features an industry-first heat management installation option

Offers the greatest amount of flexibility for installations with front venting, side venting and off-the-side termination. This passive heat management system requires no fans or blowers for silent operation.

The temperature directly above the fireplace is drastically reduced and safely distributed, allowing for the installation of electronics or fine art directly above the fireplace without fear of heat damage. The ultimate in flexible design with true zero clearance to combustible materials.


Compatible Units: Luxuria™ (LVX38, LVX50, LVX62, LVX74), Vector™ (LV38, LV50, LV62, LV74)


Off the side termination
plate DHM install

Termination Plates: An Industry First

The Ducted Heat Management System is built with termination plates and ducts. An industry-first termination plate installation offers the homeowners the benefits of off-the-side venting and room divider installations, as well as providing a way to safely pass cables through the wall for ease of electronic installation. Allows for off-the-side installation making room divider installations possible with heat management for AV cables to pass through the enclosure for ease of installation.

Compatible Units

Tall Linear Vector with Luminous Logs  
Tall Linear Vector  
Luxuria Series   
Vector Series  
Ascent Linear Premium Series


Ascent Linear Series   
Elevation X Series


Elevation Series   
Altitude X Series


Altitude Series   
Ascent BX Series


Ascent Series