Welcome to the era of the Feel-Good Home

Home has always been seen as a sanctuary. In a world that seems more stressful than ever, itʼs no wonder health and wellbeing at home have become must-haves. People are craving spaces that make them feel good, from a spa-like bathroom to a backyard oasis. Napoleon couldnʼt help but wonder if we might be able to enhance the ways people rest, relax and rejuvenate. What if, through the power of fire, we could help to foster health and wellbeing at home?

Why is wellbeing so important?

People have been clocking the highest stress levels seen in decades. That stress will continue to have long-lasting health effects unless we can find ways to combat it. Let's look at the current state of stress:

Stress is up

50% of people feel life is more stressful than before 2020

Stress affects health

Prolonged, high stress can cause serious health issues such as heart disease

People want relief

70% of people surveyed want to minimize daily stress

What do fireplaces have to do with wellbeing?

Napoleon has always believed in the power of fire. To warm. To relax. To draw people together. Beyond the relaxation we all know, does fire have the power to make us feel better? We had to find out. We approached the Universities of Alabama and Illinois, two institutions leading the way in the study of health and wellbeing, and established endowments to help propel their research. In separate studies, a fireplace showed statistically significant impacts.

Fire Relaxes

At the University of Alabama, studies revealed that 15 minutes in front of a fireplace can actually lower blood pressure and decrease heart rate. What does this mean?

Read the study* 

A fireplace can promote:

Physical Relaxation

Stress Relief

Reduced Risk of Stress-Related Health Issues

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Fire Stimulates

At the University of Illinois, studies revealed that in front of a fire, overall cognitive performance improved by 12 percent, and adaptivity to enrichment-seeking activities (e.g. playing a game) increased.

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A fireplace can promote:

Healthy Aging

Improved Cognitive Ability

Enrichment Seeking

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*Please Note: These study reports are in peer review and are expected to be fully published in Fall 2023. In the interim, reference the research abstracts linked above.
To be among the first to read the full studies, email us at advertising@napoleon.com and we will let you know when the studies are published.

The Fireplace Effect

A fireplace provides so much more than warmth. Sitting by a fireplace, even an electric one, can lower blood pressure and heart rate, helping with relaxation, and lowering the risk of stress-related health issues like heart disease. It can also support mental wellbeing, which is important as we age.

Researchers dubbed it The Fireplace Effect

Take a wellbeing Walkthrough

There are so many ways to foster health and wellbeing throughout a home. And now, we know a fireplace can be one of them. Let’s look at how the addition of a Napoleon fireplace and other architectural and interior design choices can enhance your family’s wellbeing, and create a Feel-Good Home, room by room.

Click the blue buttons on the floorplan below to learn more ways to enhance wellbeing through the home with Napoleon fireplaces.

Lower Level

First Level

Second Level







Fireplaces have been shown to increase cognitive performance under pressure—like when you’re playing a game. Not only that, but games themselves have been shown to foster brain resilience as we age. So, playing a game together in the living room has benefits well beyond social connection.

What Home Experts Have to Say About Enhancing Wellbeing

We’ve looked at ways to boost the feel-good factor in each room.
These architectural and interior design experts will show you how to make your whole home a haven of health and wellbeing.

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