Hand-Made Logs and Decorative Panels

Hand-painted to perfection

You won't believe it's not real wood

Hand-Made Logs and Decorative Panels

Napoleon makes fireplaces like no other. Innovation and technology are a huge part of what makes a Napoleon Fireplace unique, but did you know just how unique our fireplaces are? Each and every fireplace that features logs or decorative brick panels (or both) is unique. Each panel and log are hand-made from start to finish.

One of a Kind

Many of our gas fireplaces, stoves, and inserts feature these beautiful, realistic, and exceptional logs and decorative panels. Find the perfect one for you.

Using a lightweight material not found in most logs and panels on the market, ours are made using a proprietary technique. Each log and panel is pulled by hand and reviewed. They are then dried, hand-trimmed, and painted. Several layers of paint are used to create logs that you would swear were just chopped and stacked in your fireplace. Highlights, lowlights, and details are carefully added to each log and panel.

Types of Logs

There isn’t just one type of log set available. We have several hyper-realistic sets that you would swear were the real thing. Each one is carefully made so that when they are installed into your fireplace, they provide a hand-built fire appearance.

Types of Panels

There are so many panels that you can choose from to create the perfect backdrop to your fireplace and each one is completely different from the ones before. Not all fireplaces can have all of the decorative panels, but guaranteed, there is something that will meet your décor needs. Everything from traditional red and grey brick, to stony multilevel brick, sandy sandstone, and even a classy herringbone pattern, there is a completely unique decorative panel to accent your fireplace.






Old Town Red™


Old Town Red™ Herringbone




Westminster™ Herringbone




Sandstone Herringbone