Fireplace Heat Management

Napoleon prides itself on innovative home comfort and enhancing the most memorable moments you can spend there. And now we’ve made it even easier for you and yours to enjoy the comfort and light of a gas fireplace. With our innovative heat management solutions, you can easily install your television, art, and electronics closer to your fireplace increasing design flexibility like no other fireplace brand.


What is Heat Management?

Heat management is the ability to move the heat from your fireplace to exactly where it’s needed, which isn’t necessarily directly in front of the fireplace. Heat management has several benefits including:

  • Ability to install artwork and electronics, like your TV, above and near the fireplace, increasing design possibilities

  • Reduced clearance to combustibles

  • Easier installation of mantels

  • Move heat from the fireplace to the spaces where it is needed

  • Cooler glass, increasing fireplace safety for families

  • Cooler walls near the fireplace


Dynamic Heat Control™

It’s never been easier to heat your home with a fireplace thanks to Napoleon’s Dynamic Heat Control™ System. This system allows homeowners to design and build their space, completely integrating a fireplace into the décor with true zero clearance to combustible materials. The Dynamic Heat Control™ System manages heat produced by the fireplace by expelling it safely and efficiently into the areas of the home that you wish to heat. This means that the temperature directly above the fireplace is drastically reduced and safely distributed, allowing for the safe installation of electronics or fine art directly above the fireplace. Thanks to the Dynamic Heat Control™ System fireplace installation possibilities are endless.


How Does Dynamic Heat Control™ Work?

By allowing heat to effectively circulate within the space created for it. The functionality of Dynamic Heat Control™ System relies on optimized airflow throughout both the appliance and the structure housing the fireplace. When the fireplace is turned on, the Dynamic Heat Control™ System draws room air into an air inlet located at the bottom of the glass (or top of the safety barrier on Vector™ models). The award-winning glass guard system on the Luxuria™ Gas Fireplace creates two air channels between the firebox and outer glass serving to redirect the radiant heat back into the fireplace. As the heat created by the fireplace rises, it is drawn through micro chimneys, which pulls more cool air into the fireplace. The rising hot air is pulled into an air passage, which distributes the heat through the Dynamic Heat Control™ System outlet. This outlet can be at the top of the fireplace enclosure (see Fig.1 through 4) and allows the hot air to circulate into the room for a consistent and comfortable temperature. The Dynamic Heat Control™ System allows for heat to be redirected or vented into adjacent rooms in the home as well.




Fig 1. Stopping shy of the ceiling at the top allows rising hot air to escape freely from the top of the enclosure and into the same room as the fireplace.



Fig 2. Uses an air outlet opening at the top of the enclosure that is built-in at the top, centered above the appliance. This allows the heat to escape into the same room as the fireplace.



Fig 3. Stopping shy of the ceiling at the top the fireplace enclosure has a decorative valance built-in. Rising hot air can escape between the valance and the opening at the top, heating the same room as the fireplace.



Fig 4. This style of the enclosure includes an air outlet opening that will be built into the rear of the constructed enclosure, at the top, centered above the appliance. This outlet directs heat into an adjacent room in the home, heating it.



Dynamic Heat Control™ PLUS

Napoleon’s Dynamic Heat Control™ PLUS System allows heat from the fireplace to be directed to any living area in the home that needs it. This heat can also be exhausted outdoors if it’s not needed.



Universal Heat Management - UHM

Another brilliant way to manage heat from the fireplace, the UHM or Universal Heat Management System doesn’t require blowers to function. It is a simple, quiet system and doesn’t require blowers and additional electricity to function.


How Does the Universal Heat Management System Work?

The UHM System works passively, meaning it is silent, which is great when watching a movie or reading in front of the fire with your loved ones. This passive heat management system move the warm air from the fireplace into the same room as the fireplace through a set of ducts, directing the heat so that it will circulate around the room instead of blowing directly onto the viewer.


Hot Air Distribution System

The Hot Air Distribution System moves warm air from the fireplace into a different room or different area of the room where the fireplace is located.


How Does the Hot Air Distribution System Work?

The Hot Air Distribution System is powered and uses a blower to move the hot air in your fireplace to another room or area in the room where the fireplace is located. This is ideal for great rooms where the fireplace can be at one end of the room but the other spaces can benefit from the warmth the fireplace provides. Using the Hot Air Distribution System with your fireplace can reduce the surface temperature by up to 25 percent! Although the Hot Air Distribution System does not offer a reduction in clearance to combustibles, surface temperatures may decrease, which can be a valuable consideration where vulnerable individuals (children or adults) or pets are a part of the home environment.

The Hot Air Distribution System is currently only available on several units including the Altitude, Elevation, Ascent Linear, Ascent, Vector, and Acies series.


What Does Innovative Heat Management Mean for You?

Install a fireplace virtually anywhere. Napoleon’s innovative ways of managing heat reduces the temperature above the fireplace unit making it safe for the installation of televisions, artwork, and electronics when previously it would have been a risky endeavor. This reduction in temperature also ensures that there is increased comfort from even heat distribution. Heat from the fireplace is moved into the areas it is needed most, instead of retained in the fireplace enclosure. In warmer climates, enjoying a fireplace just wasn’t feasible until now. Using innovative heat management with a fireplace installation allows owners to experience the cozy comfort of a fireplace without the added heat. This ensures your increased comfort no matter what climate you live in.


Vesta Award Winner

Napoleon’s Luxuria™ series, which features Dynamic Heat Control™ was recognized as Best-In-Show and also awarded first place in the Gas Products category at the 2017 Vesta Awards. The Luxuria™ line has further solidified Napoleon’s stature as the leader in the hearth industry.