Cooking on Your Wood Stove

We all know how convenient a stove is at providing heat, whether it’s a gas or wood powered unit. And the fireplace is a wonderful place to gather your family. But did you know that stoves can also be used to cook a meal? The most common use of the top of the stove is to boil water but there are so many other things you can cook on it. Find out more about using a gas or wood stove for making meals – a handy thing in the event of a power outage or when preparing a slowly simmered meal on a cold winter’s day.


How and What to Cook with Your Stove

The most typical meals that you can make on wood or gas-powered stoves are soups and stews which utilize the radiant heat from the top of the unit. These are ideal on cold and blustery days. You can also use them to boil water for hot drinks and pasta, and you can sometimes even use a cast iron frying pan on top.

Wood-fired stoves are even more versatile as you can also wrap vegetables and potatoes in foil to cook them. Use a cast-iron dutch oven to roast and braise when the fire is low, or, as long as you use untreated wood in your fire, cook meat directly on some hot coals if you are experienced and careful. Both of the solutions above are fantastic options in the event of a power outage.